It’s an exciting time for building automation trends. Recent estimates show that the global commercial building automation systems (BAS) market will grow by nearly 9% by 2026. This growth is being driven by the increasing demand for more technology-driven, energy-efficient buildings. Remee Wire and Cable deep dives into the latest building automation trends with our blog on cable for automation. We discuss how to achieve advanced automation control of your building, and more!

New technology continues to point the way forward for much of the growth prospects expected. As long as the technology can improve energy efficiency, enhance occupant comfort, and reduce operating costs, building operators and managers will look ahead to a bright future. 

Read on to discover the latest building automation trends and unlock the potential of your business with Remee’s cutting-edge automation solutions like automation cable and automation wire. As industry leaders in building automation cables, we are uniquely positioned to provide valuable insights into the emerging trends that build up your operations.

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the-latest building automation trends &-how-remee-keeps-up-with-themTop 9 Building Automation Trends

Join us as we explore some of the leading trends in building automation, providing valuable insights into the advancements shaping our living and working spaces. In today’s society, home, and office automation have evolved from luxury items to essential components of modern living. 

At Remee, we take pride in offering a wide range of media wiring solutions, including multimedia cables and home automation cables, to meet the evolving needs of homes and buildings.

1. Cable Automation can Provide Unified Platform Control

One of the exciting building automation trends is the ability to integrate various systems into a single, unified platform. Having this one point of control from a single interface allows operators to control and monitor all building systems, such as lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and security. Multiple benefits can arise from a single-interface solution.

2. Enhanced Energy Efficiency Through Building Automation

New building automation systems are designed to provide higher energy efficiency levels. The increased efficiency reduces carbon emissions and often results in cost savings for business owners. Plus, buildings gain added features, with monitors checking light levels, and humidity levels, and regulating indoor temperatures.  

3. Cloud-Based Monitoring and Control

Another building automation trend is the use of cloud-based solutions that enable remote monitoring and control of building automation systems. These cloud-based BAS systems enhance building management by giving building owners and operators real-time data on many aspects of a building system’s overall performance. When any issues arise, the facility managers can quickly and effectively pinpoint the problem and adjust as needed.  

These cloud systems are even making their way into home automation systems. If you want to learn more about home automation, read our blog on home automation cables.

4. IoT and Sensor Integration

The use of IoT devices and sensors is also growing. Outfitted with Remee’s automation cables/multimedia cables, building sensors and controls gather data from building systems and send it to a central BAS for analysis. This data can be used to optimize building operations and improve energy efficiency.  

5. AI and ML for Optimization

The growing use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is also in play to optimize building performance and operations. AI and ML can be used to analyze data from building systems to identify areas where energy can be saved, such as by adjusting HVAC settings or lighting levels based on occupancy levels. Emerging uses of AI and 5G are becoming more prevalent in new office developments.  

edison properties upgrade security systems to keep up with latest building automation trends6. Integration with Security Systems

There is also a move toward integrating building automation systems with other building systems, such as security systems and access control systems using Remee’s Vigilance™ cable series. This is serving a useful purpose as more companies move workers back to offices and other work environments.  Managing this integration of building systems improves security and reduces the risk of unauthorized access to buildings. 

7. Utilizing Renewable Energy Sources

One of the key building automation trends to be aware of is that building automation systems are increasingly taking into account the higher use of renewable energy sources to power buildings. These renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, can reduce energy costs for both the owners and the tenants. Remee has a whole line of cables called Renewables™ by Remee, used by builders of these alternative energy farms.  

These cables are specifically designed for solar & wind power networks. Our turnkey cables for solar and wind power networks are unmatched. Our renewable energy cables ensure seamless power transmission across vast renewable energy landscapes.

8. Compliance with EPA Regulations

Building automation systems are also being used to comply with EPA regulations. For example, BAS systems are employed to monitor and control HVAC systems to ensure that they are operating in a compliant, energy-efficient manner.  

9. Convenience, Streamlined Workflows, and Cybersecurity

Also, occupants are increasingly seeking more convenience and comfort in their building automation systems. This usually means better indoor air quality, more sustainable elements within, and a higher level of comfort overall. 

At the same time, HVAC contractors and other building managers are looking to streamline workflows while also adding cybersecurity and digitization controls. These exciting developments improve the security of the building structure and the protection of tenants. 

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