Huge Selection ofWire & Cable withPersonal Service

The Remee Brand Represents a Dual Personality

We provide the customer care and quick decision-making normally associated with a small company. Yet, Remee is among the top wire and cable manufacturers, and large enough to manufacture a huge selection of quality fiber optic and copper cables, modified standard and custom engineered cables, including a unique capability to provide complex cable constructions. This attribute is typically associated only with large companies…

Remee is the Exception!

REMPledge is our way of adding proof and accountability to our promise of providing personalized service and care. Find out about how REMPledge benefits you!
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Why Buy Remee?

Customer Service Benefits

  • Family run company
  • Quick and nimble
  • Able to make fast decisions
  • Access to top executives

Remee is noted for customer service. Personal attention and flexibility include:

  • A customized and very competitive MOQ
  • Short orders
  • Volume orders
  • Versatility in meeting demanding delivery requirements

Proven Performance

Current Remee performance metrics:

  • Zero Defects Average = 97%
  • Typical MOQs:
    Stocking distributors = $500.00 min orders
    Modified standards = 10K’ to 50K’, depending on requirements
    Custom cable = as low as 1,000’ depending on material and equipment availability
  • On-time delivery = 96%
  • Very high customer satisfaction rating

Unique Capabilities

  • HUGE SELECTION – Remee offers a huge selection of standard cables, with capabilities to modify any standard cable or custom engineer any cable
  • COMPLEX CABLES – Remee accommodates extraordinarily complex, as well as custom orders. We are specialists in complex constructions – plenum, composites, hybrids, siamese, etc.
  • CHANNEL CHOICE – Remee provides customers a choice as to how they obtain products, which includes various types of sales channel partners and other value alternatives