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Vigilance™ Security, Alarm & Control Cables

Remee introduces Vigilance, a full line of cabling solutions for any alarm, security or control application.  Check out the important cable features Remee provides & some helpful installation tips for video surveillance.

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Activate™ Powered Cable Solutions (PCS)

NEW Activate PCS provides standard PoE solutions plus composite hybrid cables to extend power & data runs beyond 100 meters.  These fiber optic & copper hybrid solutions are compatible with a growing number of devices.

Special PCS Selection Guide for Distance/Bandwidth.

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Fiber Optic Cable Design Guide

The Remee Fiber Optic Cable Design Guide will walk you through the selection of the various components of a fiber optic cable to arrive at the custom fiber optic cable you need. Also, check out Remee’s new AquaLock® loose tube technology.  It ensures a dry tube without the mess associated with gel-filled cables.

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REMPledge is our way of adding proof and accountability to our promise of providing personalized service and care. Find out about how REMPledge benefits you!
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