The world around us has changed dramatically in the last century. A major driving force is automation. In the coming years, automation will touch nearly every facet of our daily lives and careers. That’s why we’ve written this article on the future of home automation control and digital signaling cables.

Home automation control has been a strong trend in the residential market. The advent of the internet and the rapidly evolving technology that supports its use in our daily lives make smart homes, once a science fiction fantasy, a reality. To achieve this, high-quality control and digital signaling cables are required to transmit the data safely and securely from the internet to the home and the smart objects within it.

The Future of Home Automation Made Possible by Digital Signaling Cables

While true smart homes — where you can control every appliance and operational aspect of the home from a smartphone or other device — are not yet universal, the technology exists to create them. This technology can be found in appliances, home security systems, doorbells, and the smartphone you use to control them. It’s all made possible by digital signaling cables.

Actual smart homes will be built from the ground up. Homes being constructed in the near future will require digital signaling and automation cables – like those offered by Remee TEKwire™ Cable and Remee Automation Cables — and the devices needed for whole-home automation included from the beginning. These homes will be completely controlled and monitored from a device either in the home or at a remote location. They can complete many daily tasks automatically and without human interference.

To match the capabilities of these smart home automation controls, appliances, and other household tools will be modified with controls by internet-based programs and apps. These adaptations will not only make these appliances accessible and controllable from your smart device, but they will also be able to increase their efficiency and lower power consumption by automatically adapting to the existing conditions.

Examples of Home Automation Control

Some of the adaptations for home automation control have already begun. They can be found in lighting fixtures, televisions, and large appliances like refrigerators and clothes washers. These are just the beginning, and only a few examples of home automation control made possible by digital signaling cables.

remee home automation blog photo smart lights (1)Lighting Fixtures

The new internet-accessible lighting systems may completely alter light use in the home. These lights can change colors and brightness automatically based on ambient lighting, time of day, or user preferences. Timers can also be set to control the lighting.

These light fixtures can be controlled via an app on a mobile device or tablet. The lighting wiring itself relies on using reliable digital signaling or control cables.


Using the Internet of Things technology, televisions have evolved from a platform to watch your favorite shows to a fully automated and interactive entertainment center. They can now not only record and suggest shows that meet your interests but also run searches across multiple platforms and adjust their brightness and volume based on the content viewed and user preferences.

Large Appliances

Today’s large appliances take much of the guesswork out of your daily chores. You can now find refrigerators that adjust the cooling needed based on the ambient temperature. Or, based on availability within the appliance, it can add items to your grocery list without you doing anything.

Or perhaps you would like a washing machine that automatically adjusts the water levels to the amount of clothing added and selects the appropriate amount of detergent needed to be based on the temperature setting and the load’s volume.

As these types of appliances continue to get smarter and smarter, they will continually rely more heavily on digital signaling and control cables capable of handling the complex needs of smart appliances. In the near future, your laundry may do itself, but not unless it has a reliable cable.

Virtual Living

One other aspect of smart homes that is likely to develop is the presence of virtual living options. These would present you with the possibility of creating and, at least temporarily, living in a fantasy world of your own making.

While not yet perfected on a grand scale, the technology to make these fantasy worlds already exists and is likely to become more popular as the technology becomes more accessible and easier to use.

We can’t predict what this technology will look like, no more than a settler traversing the Oregon Trail in the 1800s could predict the iPhone. But what we can predict is the increased reliance on the use of digital control cables to operate all of the devices and equipment that are essential to our lives.

Automated Assistants, and Yes, Robots

We can’t write an article on the future of home automation without mentioning robots. Who isn’t excited at the prospect of a robotic assistant automatically performing all the menial tasks around the house?

While the robotics industry is still far from releasing a home robot to do everything for us, they are making great strides in creating machines that perform specific tasks. We already see the use of these types of ‘robots’ in manufacturing and even building automation. By leveraging this automation, industries continue to expand and accomplish more in less time.

Inside our homes, many of us already rely on friendly personal assistants like Alexa and Google! The range of functions that these automated assistants can provide continues to grow rapidly. You can ask Alexa about almost anything and get a quick result. Or, you can have your Google assistant schedule your next haircut.

It’s exciting to think about what our lives will soon look like augmented by home automation and personal assistants. All of this is made possible through the digital control cables that support the future of home automation.

What Are Digital Signaling Cables

How does all of this home automation work? The one thing necessary to make all of this technology work is reliable digital signaling cables; explicitly designed to transmit massive amounts of data continuously and reliably.

We at Remee Wire and Cable saw the smart objects and IoT trends of home automation control developing long ago. That’s why we created our TEKwire™ line of precise digital signaling cables needed to safely and securely handle the workload of home automation.

We used our extensive skills and experience with standard cables and an awareness of just what the new home automation cables would have to accomplish to create improved digital signaling cables. These digital signaling cables needed for control, part of our TEKwire™ line, are specifically designed to stand up to the rigors of constant data transmission required for effective smart device use.

Various cable options not only offer reliable transmission but also enhance the security of the data transmission by protecting the wires from damage done by heat or rodents. The jackets of these TEKwire cables are thicker than the industry standards to provide enhanced signal protection and insulation and prevent corrosion damage.

Choose the Best Digital Signaling Cable Manufacturer

Remee Wire & Cable is a world-class manufacturer of electronic wire and cable, such as digital signaling cable. Order almost any cable you need from Remee – standard, modified standard, and custom engineered, including complex designs – with the most flexible service terms to meet your specific requirements.

Remee provides the customer care and quick decision-making normally associated with a small business. Yet, Remee is among the top wire and cable manufacturers, large enough to manufacture a huge selection of quality fiber optic and copper cables, and modified standard and custom-engineered cables, including a unique capability to provide complex cable constructions.

Remee Wire and Cable stands ready to meet the current demand for control and digital signaling cables and has prepared ourselves for the predictable increase in demand as smart homes become more popular. We are keeping our eyes on the future and the upcoming technology trends, so we are ready to provide custom-made home automation cables for whatever the future holds.

If you need to use digital signaling cables in your next project, home construction, or device, speak with an expert today!