Remee introduces a groundbreaking solution for solar and wind power networks- Remee’s turnkey cables. Harnessing the power of innovation, Remee proudly presents a comprehensive suite of standard cable solutions specifically tailored for the renewable energy industry, with customizable features. Keep reading to learn more about Remee’s turnkey cables for solar and wind power networks.

These cables for solar and wind power are designed with precision and expertise. Our renewable energy cables ensure seamless power transmission across vast renewable energy landscapes. From custom cables for solar farms to wind turbines, Remee understands the unique challenges faced by these dynamic environments and has developed an entire line of UL-listed renewable energy cables that meet or exceed industry standards.

The renewable energy industry continues to grow. Check out the future trends of the renewable energy market. We discuss which future trends of the renewable energy market, how we expect it to grow, and how our renewable energy cables, like our Renewables™ by Remee, are ready to support this market growth.

In this article, you will learn about Remee’s turnkey cables for solar and wind power networks. In addition, you will get an inside scoop on Remee’s industry-leading renewable energy cables.

Find Turnkey Cabling Solutions for Solar Projects

More than 50% of all new electric capacity added to the U.S. electrical grid in 2022 came from solar, according to data from the Solar Industries Research Association. Additionally, the International Energy Agency (IEA) estimated that solar power will make up more than half of the new electrical capacity in the U.S. in 2023.

There are a few factors driving this growth: decreasing solar technology costs, government incentives and mandates, and increasing consumer demand for sustainable energy solutions. As a result, this is increasing demand for cables for solar and wind power networks.

Cabling solutions play a crucial role in the solar market, as they provide the necessary infrastructure to connect solar panels to inverters, batteries, and the electrical grid. In addition, cabling solutions work to boost the efficiency of solar power systems, which require precise wiring and cable connections to ensure safe and efficient energy transfer.

Remee Wire & Cable Offers Cable Solutions for Wind Farms

The wind farm market is growing at a rapid pace. According to the International Energy Agency, wind electricity generation increased by 17% by a record 273 TWh in 2021. Amazingly, this growth is on top of the 55% recorded in 2020, and it’s the highest growth among all renewable power technologies.

With this growth in wind energy, cables for solar and wind power networks will become an integral part of their success. Standard wind farm cables are necessary for connecting wind turbines to the electrical grid. They play a critical role in the efficiency and reliability of wind energy systems. Remee’s cabling solutions excel in their ability to withstand the harsh outdoor environments in which wind turbines are typically located.

Get UL-listed Renewable Energy Cables

If you’re in the market for top-rated cables for solar and wind power networks, you need to look at Remee’s high-performance cables for renewable energy. Renewable energy cabling requirements in solar projects and wind farms are quite strict. We know this, and that’s why we provide a wide assortment of standard UL-listed renewable energy cables with customization options.

Our cable solutions for wind farms and solar projects come in a wide range of power, lengths, and jackets. They’re also turnkey, long-lasting, and practical, covering a wide range of specifications for your solar projects or wind farms. Remee Wire & Cable offers cabling solutions for wind farms, such as cables for blade grounding and cabling from the nacelle to the intermediary collection point. We also provide collection cables that extend from intermediary collection boxes to a substation.

For solar power projects, look to Remee’s photovoltaic (PV) cables for interconnecting solar arrays. These renewable cables can be used in three-phase systems with voltages under 35,000 and below conductor temperatures under 105°C (221°F) for normal operation. Our collection cables connect the panels with intermediary collection points, and medium voltage cables (in copper or aluminum) transmit power to substations.

Cables for Solar and Wind – Remee’s Renewable Energy Cables

Renewables™ by Remee has the cables your organization has been looking for. View our Renewables™ by Remee portfolio, to see the type of cables we offer and their options. Keep reading to learn more about the custom cables Remee provides for use in Solar and Wind Farms.

DC Feeder Cables – Now In Stock!

Get stronger solar and wind cable connections with this Aluminum PV wire rated at 2000V. The DC feeder cables feature aluminum or copper conductors with cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) jackets for durability. As part of the Renewables cable line by Remee, these DC Feeder Cables are manufactured in compliance with UL 4703.

Remee now stocks these renewable cables in the following popular sizes (350, 500, 600, and 750 KCMIL). The DC Feeder cable is the perfect low-voltage cable for solar and wind projects.

Can’t find U.S.-made DC Feeder cable with stranded aluminum conductors? Remee is one of the very few manufacturers of UL 4703 XLP insulated stranded aluminum conductors in the U.S. Get in touch with us to create DC Feeder Cables for your solar or wind project.

Top-Rated Solar Array Cables

  • UL listed
  • Copper PV wire rated at 2000V
  • XLPE jackets

These Solar Array cables for solar projects and wind farms offer contractors different jacket options (EPR and XLPE) as well as parallelling (two single conductor PV wires spooled on one reel).

Electrical substation station

Collection Cables – High-Quality Direct Burial Cables

  • Aluminum and Copper
  • MV-105 35kV rated
  • TR-XLPE insulation
  • XLPE jackets

Our line of Collection Cables offers triple extrusion and dry-curing technology that enables conductor, shield, insulation, and insulation shield over the conductor. Double-helix compatible water-blocking yarn is used on all conductors. This burial cable is suitable for direct burial. Connect with us to get your hands on the aluminum and copper collection cables.

Fiber Optic Cables for Solar And Wind Power Networks

  • 12SM to 96SM
  • Pre-installed in duct (1” to 2”) on request

Remee interference-free Fiber Optic cables come with a loose tube construction featuring Remee’s gel-free AquaLock™ design. It’s available with and without armor. Fiber optic cables in duct are available upon request. Interested in this renewable energy cable? See the different types of fiber optic cables Remee offers.

Turnkey Cables – Motor Control Cables

  • Copper
  • (#18 AWG to #6 AWG)
  • CPE/PVC jacket
  • UL2277

Motor Control Cables are cable solutions for use in wind turbine tray cable (WTTC) applications. In addition, this cable offers solar panel pitch control bringing you the cable solutions you desire.

These are extreme outdoor situations, in which you need a high-quality cable suitable for installation in tight spaces. It should also be resistant to fuels, oils, and solvents.

Bare Stranded Copper Ground Wire

Remee cables for solar and wind are used in many PV systems applications and solar panels that utilize copper PV wires that are strung together. This results in a positive and negative PV cable at the end of the rows.

Remee has the cable solutions and applications necessary for wind farm developers and solar energy companies to meet your project’s critical connections needs for renewable energy projects.

image of Cables for Solar and Wind PowersContact Remee for Cables for Solar and Wind Power Networks

Remee’s Turnkey Cables for solar and wind power networks offer a groundbreaking solution to revolutionize the renewable energy industry. With precision design and expertise, these custom cables for solar and wind ensure seamless power transmission across the vast landscape – from solar panels or windmill blades to the substation.

Whether it’s solar farms or wind turbines, Remee understands the unique challenges and has developed UL-listed cables that exceed industry standards. By choosing Remee, you gain access to industry-leading renewable energy cables that optimize efficiency and sustainability. Embrace the future of cabling for clean energy with Remee’s Turnkey Custom Cables and be a part of the clean energy revolution. Contact us today to get started!