Wiring applications can be complicated because they may need a large quantity and variety of cables. Though some niche applications may require highly customized cabling, most wiring applications only need “bread-and-butter” cables that are rugged, versatile, and customizable. Remee Wire & Cable’s TEKwire™ Audio, Instrumentation, Control & Digital Signaling Cables tick all the right boxes for general low voltage cabling applications.

Remee’s bread and butter cables are not only reliable and rugged, withstanding the most demanding of conditions, but they are also versatile, customizable, and cost-effective. So, it’s no surprise that the TEKwire™ cables are one of Remee’s most popular cable series.

This article talks about what Remee’s TEKwire™ cables are, what they are made of, where you can use them, and what their advantages are — in short, this article will tell you why Remee’s TEKwire™ cables are going to be your bread-and-butter cable solution for your future wiring applications.

Audio application TEKwire™ Cables for bread and butter cables blog What Are TEKwire™ Cables?

Remee’s TEKwire™ cables are designed for use in the audio, instrumentation, control, and digital signaling applications, so they come with various components that meet the needs of those industries. Also, they are suitable for use in any setting — commercial, residential, or industrial.

From telecommunications to manufacturing, Remee’s TEKwire™ cables can be found wherever you need a rugged, connection. They can be used for a variety of everyday wiring applications, including:

  • Line level audio
  • Low-noise analog audio
  • Voice communication
  • Low-voltage analog signal
  • Low-voltage digital control
  • Panel wiring

Why Tekwire™ Cables Are the “Bread and Butter” Cables

Safe, versatile, and reliable — Remee’s TEKwire™ cables have become a bread-and-butter solution for many applications because of their advantages over other similar cables. Remee offers many jacketing options for Remee cables in addition to low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) jacketing, which we have been offering for quite some time.

Now, you can get PVC jackets, Remguard™ Plenum-rated polymer jackets, and FEP jackets — all of which provide you with superior performance at high temperatures and in wet conditions.

Many of the cables in the TEKwire™ cable series also have CM, CMR CMP, CMG, CL2, and OSP safety ratings. These ratings indicate that these cables can withstand the harshest of environments while meeting specific application standards.

Although the vast array of TEKwire™ cables usually covers what most applications need, these cables can be configured to incorporate many specialized components and features into their design, like:

  • Conductor type
  • Tinning
  • Shielding
  • Insulation and jacketing
  • Braid type
  • Color coding and optional striping

Considering that quality is always of the utmost importance in these applications, Remee’s custom wire manufacturers engineer TEKwire™ cable lines according to the ISO 9001 standards.

Multiple TEKwire CableTop 3 Benefits of TEKwire™ Cables

Discover the remarkable advantages of TEKwire™ Cables by Remee. Notably, these cables boast distinctive design features, setting them apart from rivals, while offering three key benefits that elevate their performance and reliability.

Remee’s Cables Are Made of High-Quality Materials

These bread and butter cables have jacket layers made of high-quality thermoplastics, thermosets, and elastomers. They offer a thick layer of insulation, which provides considerable protection from the elements and great signal performance.

Top-Rated Bare Copper, Stranded Copper & Tinned Copper Conductors

Our TEKwire™ stands out for various reasons, and one notable advantage is the exclusive use of 100% copper in our conductors. Remee offers a range of copper conductor options, including solid bare copper, stranded bare copper, and tinned copper conductors. Every conductor possesses distinct advantages and exceptional characteristics.

Opting for our American-made cables proves to be a wise and strategic choice. Our conductors ensure unparalleled quality and utmost reliability. TEKwire™ offers the use of each of our conductor options in wiring applications that need to withstand various environmental conditions.

Remee Provides Customization Options For TEKwire™ Cables

These conductors come with different braiding or shielding options: foil only, braid only, and foil and braid. Another design option includes low capacitance, which reduces electromagnetic interference and allows for superior signal performance.

Worker viewing TEKwire Cable on ladder. Uses and Applications of TEKwire™ Cables

There are many uses and applications for Remee’s TEKwire™ cables. These cables are suitable for many industries but below are the most common applications we see.

  • Data transmission for cables
  • Manufacturing
  • Audio and video
  • IT industry

Choosing the right bread and butter cable for your project is crucial and depends on various factors, including your application, the environment, and selecting from reputable wire and cable manufacturers. Remee boasts years of experience manufacturing wire and cable. In fact, Remee has worked its way up to be one of the country’s leading manufacturers of wire and cable.

For more information on industry-specific applications that benefit from TEKwire™ cable, check out our in-depth article on the uses and applications of Tekwire™ cables from Remee Wire and Cable.

Modified Standard & Custom Cable Manufacturing

At Remee Wire & Cable, we have a vast inventory, proven experience, and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, which have established us as a leader in the cable manufacturing industry. Yet, our emphasis remains on personal customer service — with the feel of a small, family-owned business, which is how we started.

One way we ensure this is by offering custom modifications for most of our cables, including but not limited to our TEKwire™ cable series, to exactly fit each customer’s project needs or applications.

If you want to know more about how we can provide you with the best-modified standard and custom cable or if you have any questions related to our wire and cable, contact us today and we promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

Why Choose Remee TEKwire™ Cable as Your Bread and Butter Cable?

With our extensive experience in engineering custom and standard cables, we have the expertise to provide customers with bread and butter cables that best suit their applications. If you require durable and flexible cables capable of withstanding the demands of diverse applications, look no further than our TEKwire™ cables.

These cables are designed to endure and deliver reliable performance even in challenging environments. At Remee, we specialize in crafting tailored cabling solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers.

Connect with a knowledgeable Remee expert today and let us help you find the perfect cable for your specific project. Benefit from our expertise and discover the ideal cabling solution for your requirements.