Remee’s ability to modify standard products, design and manufacture custom and complex cable constructions, as well as to manufacture standard stock items, is a result of having strong engineering depth and broad manufacturing capabilities.

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Engineering Dept.

Our dedicated engineering staff members are experts in cable product development and manufacturing processes. We design and support cables used in a variety of applications, such as those which are unique to telecom, data, industrial and security vertical industries.

Product Development Engineering
Remee engineers build standard OEM cables, modify one or more features on standard cables, and create new custom cable constructions on a steady basis. They know how to achieve balance between physical requirements that address environmental concerns and electrical/optical characteristics to design the right cable for the job and achieve optimum performance in the field.

Remee is one of the very few cable manufacturers who can combine both copper conductors and optical fibers under one jacket to meet critical application performance criteria. Remee also designs and manufactures cables for demanding High Temp (up to 200⁰C) applications.

Give Remee your application challenges and you’ll recognize the ability of our engineering experts to arrive at the best solution. We often assist customers who have only a portion of the information needed, and will assist them in obtaining the rest, such as physical features (conductors, fibers, insulations or jacketing materials) or electrical characteristics required (impedance, capacitance, etc.).

Process Engineering
The Remee Engineering Team are also the stewards of the company’s manufacturing equipment and processes. They continuously seek to improve efficiencies and throughput to make Remee cable competitive in the market as a high-value product. They seek to use alternate materials, reduce scrap and use other methods to lower product costs.

Engineers at Remee also work with customers to obtain any agency listings needed to meet industry standards or protocols, including burn listings, torsion, crush, water saturation and temperature ratings.  In addition, Remee has the right equipment to build unique OEM cables, including copper-fiber hybrid designs, bundled multi-packs, and Siamese constructions.


The breadth of Remee manufacturing capabilities is astounding! We make everything from simple insulated wire to complex composite hybrid cables.

The manufacturing capabilities at Remee include the following:

  • Drawing copper conductors
  • Braiding
  • Insulation & jacket extrusions
  • Shielding application
  • Cabling wires or cables
  • Put-ups
  • Packaging
  • Shipping

We utilize a broad range of materials to modify standard cables or create custom cables.

  • PVC
  • Polyethylene
  • FEP
  • Tefzel
  • Zero Halogen
  • Crosslink Polyethylene
  • PVDF
  • Polyurethane
  • TPE
  • Foam Polyethylene

Remee also has a variety of other materials to manufacture the cable you need:

  • Armor – steel tape or interlocked aluminum
  • Shielding – foil, braid
  • Conductors – solid, stranded, high strand, fiber
  • AquaLockTM loose tube technology