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The Air Plenum space is the area through which environmental air is transported in a building. Examples of this include the space above a suspended ceiling or below a raised floor that does not have closed air ducts for the HVAC system to move air. Most often this space is used as the air return.

Remee Plenum Coax Cables carry a CMP rating, allowing them to be used in air plenums within buildings.

Plenum coax cable is primarily used in commercial and institutional buildings for CCTV security, CATV and other video applications.  Plenum Coax allows building owners and facility managers to run coax throughout their buildings while meeting local fire and building codes.

The Plenum coax cable rating (CMP) assures the user of flame retardancy and toxicity levels as defined by specific flame tests. CMP is the plenum rating for Communications cables, established by the NEC code.

Although local building codes dictate exactly what is required in a local area, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) provides a recommendation on a national basis. For Plenum rated cables, this falls under NFPA-262. The UL equivalent is the UL-910 standard, which is made up of two primary tests, cable burn properties and smoke density. The Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) designation meets the FT-6 horizontal flame and smoke test. The U.S. version of this test is known as the NFPA 262 “Steiner Tunnel” Flame Test (formerly UL 910), which measures flame spread and smoke generation in a simulated air handling plenum.

For detailed information on the NFPA requirements and flame tests, please see:
NFPA Codes & Standards

Remee Plenum Coax Cable Offerings

All Plenum coax cables from Remee feature a CMP rating. They are available in RG11, RG59 and RG6 plenum cable styles. Also included is a composite video cable with a power pair. For detailed information, see our table of Plenum Coax (CMP) Cable Part Numbers below.

Standard & Other Available Coaxial Cables

Choose from the cable options in the following table. Most items are in stock, but check with Remee for availability. Part numbers link to cable spec sheets.

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Product Type Product Description Rating Remee Part No. & Data Sheet
Composite Video with Power Pair RG59/U with 18/2 Siamese CMP 725526
Composite Video with Power Pair RG6/U with 18/2 Siamese CMP 725536
RG59 - CCTV RG59/U CCA Braid CMP 725102
RG6 - CATV RG6/U Aluminum Braid Quad Shield CMP 725103
RG6 - CATV RG6/U Aluminum Braid Dual Shield CMP 725105/60
RG6 - CCTV RG6/U Bare Copper Braid CMP 725105/95BC
RG6 - CCTV RG6/U Tin Copper Braid Foil Shield CMP 725113
RG11 - CATV RG11/U Aluminum Braid Dual Foil Shield CMP 725107
RG11 – CATV RG11/U Aluminum Braid Quad Foil Shield CMP 725109

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