The terms LAN and Premise Cables are used frequently in the wire and cable industry.  Do you really know what they mean and what they do?  We’ve been providing some basic definitions on the blog and we thought this might be another area that we could provide Cable 101 information for our readers.

The acronym LAN stands for Local Area Network.  It refers to a computer network that that is within a limited area such as a commercial office building or personal residence.

Premise Cables
are the wiring that is used to connect LAN and phone equipment within a building.  It is made up of vertical and horizontal cable that runs from a central location such as a server room throughout the building to the individual desktops.

What type of cable is used for PREMISE wiring?

The standard cable used for LAN drops is Category Cable.Specifically Cat 5e or Cat 6.Category 5e/6 Cables are a cost effective way to transmit data fast.

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