In today’s culture MORE seems to be the goal.  We want more stuff, more money to buy the stuff and more time to use the stuff we buy.  The same is true when it comes to cable and the industries that are connected by them.  We want to send more data, longer distances with more speed than ever before.  That is why Fiber Optic Cable is becoming so popular.  Fiber Optic Cable gives you MORE.

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The Applications
While fiber optic cable is suited for most applications, currently the primary applications utilizing Fiber Optic Cable are data transmission and telecommunications.  It can however also be used when the conditions are more demanding such as transit, light rail, mining, wind farms and solar power.

The Industries
Currently many industries are beginning to utilize fiber optic cable as the back bone of their infrastructure.  Cable TV companies and internet providers are using fiber optics more and more.  When time and speed are of the essence, fiber optics is the cable of choice.

The Advantages
There are several advantages that Fiber Optic has to copper wire.  It simply gives you MORE:

  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Bandwidth
  • Security
  • Reliability

The Drawbacks
The main drawback that you will hear over and over again is that Fiber Optic Cable is more expensive.  While this is certainly true in the short run, when you look long term that may no longer be true.  When you factor in the amount of networking hardware needed for copper with the cost to maintain a copper based system and the increased downtime that comes with copper, fiber may be the way to go!

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