American-made cable is a smart investment, especially in the wake of trade wars with China. International conditions, along with increasing uncertainty in the global cable market, are driving up costs. When you’re sourcing large volumes of cable for projects ranging from ISP expansion to engineering, quality is essential. The quality of your cable determines the long-term success of your initiative and ultimately your reputation. Sourcing American-made wire and cable from a trusted supplier can help ensure your long-term success. 

How Do Suppliers Cut Costs?

Offshore-made cables are becoming increasingly common. While working with an offshore supplier can initially seem like a cost-savings measure, quality concerns can quickly erode any advantage. Some of the common complaints that we hear from customers making the switch back to American made cable include:

  • Failure of cables to meet industry standards or comply with industry specifications
  • Skimping on the amount of copper that’s used in the conductor by making the OD smaller
  • Using less material or lower-quality material for insulation and jackets resulting in thinner jackets
  • Shipping delays and other logistical hazards that impact project timeline and customer relationships

These are just a few of the issues that customers report. But the result is always the same. Upfront savings leads to poor quality performance, resulting in critical failures, unhappy customers, and the need for ongoing maintenance and the revisiting of jobs that would otherwise be complete. 

Typically, after one bad experience, customers begin finding a trusted American-made cable supplier and building a strong relationship.

Finding Trusted American-Made Cable Suppliers

One important step that companies can take to underscore their commitment to quality is identifying trusted American-made wire and cable suppliers. It’s important to engage in due diligence and ensure that a wire and cable manufacturer isn’t functioning as a reseller.

Get all your cabling needs from a single manufacturer. Remee builds on over four decades of success as an American-made wire and cable manufacturer. When buying from Remee, you can build on their industry knowledge in fields ranging from AV to security cables to wet-location cables. With American-based manufacturing facilities and experienced staff, our team will work with you to achieve your target turnaround times and deliver a wide range of products at competitive prices. 

Custom Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber optic cables form the backbone for telecommunications and networking — and successful delivery of products and services demands the highest quality cable. From the connected cables below the city grid to robust cables enabling remote connectivity, Remee manufactures a variety of options, including:

  • Loose tube
  • RemCoreTM – MicroTube cables 
  • Tight-buffered
  • General Purpose 
  • Distribution
  • Breakout cable
  • Single Mode
  • Multimode
  • Simplex
  • Duplex
  • Indoor & outdoor fiber optic cable
  • Combinations of the above

AV Cables

From the boardroom to remote collaboration platforms, and from broadcast studios to outdoor events, audio-visual quality matters today more than ever before. A poorly manufactured cable that scrimps on components or is badly constructed delivers bad sound or unreliable communications. 

When you try to save on SMPTE 311, coax, or audio cables with offshore discount solutions, you can experience critical failures and performance issues that erode customer confidence and increase maintenance costs and needs. Work with an American-based cable manufacturer that offers industry standard listed cables and are manufactured under ISO 9001 certification.

LAN and Premise Cables

Strong connectivity powers today’s enterprise landscape data centers and networking hubs, and their computing power relies on LAN and premise cables to keep everything connected and working. 

A cable failure can lead to downtime of essential systems that cost companies thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars before the cause is identified and addressed. Remee’s cables are designed to meet or exceed EIA/TIA Category 5e, 6, and 6A and available in a variety of options, such as UTP and STP, Plenum and Riser rated, LSZH, armored or bundled, as well as in composite constructions with fiber optics and/or coax cable types. Remee LAN & Premise cable also meets applicable ETL & CSA requirements and are manufactured under ISO 9001 certification.

Ethernet Cables

In an interconnected world, ethernet cables fuel data transfers. Whether you’re dealing with large quantities of commercial data or enabling residential customers to work from home during difficult times, reliable ethernet cables are the cornerstone of an effective communications setup. American-made cables from Remee meet or exceed EIA and TIA guidelines while solving networking and power solutions for a range of devices. 

An American-made cable manufacturer can produce specialized wire and cable to fit a variety of devices from access control panels, sirens, and security and safety alarms. Whether you’re supplying cables to a security-oriented electronic device or a control device, high-quality cable is essential to reliable performance in an emergency. 

Wet-Location Cables

Wet-location cables can be used in a variety of circumstances, whether they’re buried or outside exposed to the elements. American-made Remee wet-location cables are manufactured to withstand harsh environmental conditions. High-end craftsmanship ensures they can withstand impact, resist the elements, and maintain signals. 

Don’t sacrifice safety or performance by accepting anything less than cables manufactured under ISO 9001 by a trusted American manufacturer.  MHSA certifications are available on some Remee fiber optic and copper cable designs.

Custom Cables

If a custom-made cable is required, look for custom development of complex cable constructions from a manufacturer. These jobs require an experienced partner that can work to understand your needs, develop a design that leverages the best materials for the job, and manufacture quickly and efficiently to specifications. Remee Wire & Cable has three decades of experience designing, manufacturing, and selling the industry’s most reliable custom cables.

Don’t put your project success and client relationships at risk by sourcing cable from offshore providers. Invest the time to develop a relationship with an American wire and cable manufacturer who is committed to your success. You’ll reap the rewards over the long-term and have a trusted partner that can help you meet tough deadlines, work with budget constraints, and add the ability to design and deliver custom wire and cable on demand.

About Remee Wire & Cable

Remee Wire & Cable is an American-made wire and cable manufacturer that offers a wide selection of quality products. At Remee, our decades of experience manufacturing and selling top-grade American made cables for automation, multimedia, broadcast, A/V, fire alarms, security, wet locations, and more have given us the experience and insights to be the partner you need. 

At our American facilities, we manufacture fiber optic cable, copper multi-pair and multiconductor cable, as well as coaxial cable.  We work with discerning customers to design and manufacture custom cables. Contact us today to discuss your needs and learn how a reliable American manufacturing partner can help your business deliver quality on time and on budget, every time.