New Line of Renewable Energy Cables, Renewables™ by Remee

Florida, NY – Remee Wire & Cable, a leading manufacturer of electronic wire and cable, introduced their newly expanded line of Renewable Energy Cables, branded as Renewables™ by Remee.  These cables have been specifically designed for power collection and distribution in solar and wind power generation systems.  Remee’s experience in manufacturing rugged cables for use in many types of harsh outdoor environments provides assurance of signal integrity and continued performance.

For wind towers, Remee provides cables for blade grounding, cabling from the nacelle to the intermediary collection point, and collection cable from the many intermediary collection boxes to the substation.  For solar power, Renewables™ by Remee include Photovoltaic (PV) Cables for interconnecting solar arrays; Collection Cables to connect the panels with intermediary collection points; and Medium Voltage Cables in copper or aluminum to transmit power to substations.

Renewables™ by Remee include the following cable families:

  • Solar Array Cables – Copper PV wire rated at 2000V with cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) jackets for durability.
  • Collection Cables – Aluminum PV wire rated at 2000V, also with cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) jackets for durability.
  • Medium Voltage Cables – Both the Aluminum and Copper MV Series are rated 35kv; they feature tree-retardant cross-linked polyethylene (TR-XLPE) insulation and a cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) jacket.  The cable is designed for use in three-phase systems with voltage not exceeding 35,000 volts phase to phase and conductor temperatures not exceeding 105°C for normal operation.  Suitable for direct burial.
  • Fiber Optic Cables – Interference-free Fiber Optic cables are available with loose tube construction featuring gel-free AquaLock™; available with and without armor.  Fiber in duct available upon request.
  • Bare Stranded Copper Ground Wire – Available per custom requests.
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Remee Wire & Cable Introduces New Line of Renewable Energy Cables for Solar & Wind Farms

Renewables™ by Remee comply with all applicable requirements of the following standards:

  • ICEA S-94-649 – Standard for Concentric Neutral Cables Rated 5 through 46 KV
  • AEIC CS8 – Specification for Extruded Dielectric, Shielded Power Cables Rated 5 through 46 KV
  • UL1072 – MV90 and MV105 – Standard for Medium-Voltage Power Cables
  • CSA 68.10 – Shielded Power Cable for Commercial and Industrial Applications, 5-46 KV

All Remee cable products are manufactured under ISO 9001 certification.  All compounds are handled and loaded in a Class 10000 clean room. An optical pellet analyzer is used by the supplier to perform 100% pellet inspection.

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About Remee Wire & Cable

Remee Wire & Cable is a world class manufacturer of electronic wire and cable, both copper and fiber optic cable.  The company is headquartered in Florida, New York, where its corporate offices, engineering and manufacturing facilities are all located.  Since the company’s start in 1972, personal attention and care have been the hallmarks of the family-run company.  Remee’s engineering and manufacturing expertise has enabled the growth of the company’s product offering and custom capabilities, now at a level that rivals some of the largest cable manufacturers.  The large standard cable offering at Remee, along with expert capabilities to modify any standard cable and manufacture complex and custom-made cables, are proof of our significant industry stature.

Remee features the quick decision-making, special customer care and access to executives, which are strong attributes for a family-run company.  Yet, Remee also offers a huge selection of cables and expert capabilities that rival the largest cable manufacturers.  So, at Remee, customers enjoy our “dual personality” and the best of both worlds.

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