New PowerPipe™ Cables for Class 4 Fault-Managed Power at Long Distances

Florida, NY – Remee Wire & Cable, a leading manufacturer of electronic wire and cable, announces the launch of their new Activate™ line of PowerPipe™ Distribution Cables. Remee offers this new family of copper multipair and hybrid copper/fiber cables to provide a more cost effective and resilient Class 4 fault-managed power solution for distributed electronics requiring long distance runs.

These cables were designed to meet the new NEC Class 4 classification standard for fault-managed power systems. They will support growing digital power technologies such as required in smart buildings and in many other applications.

Why Choose New PowerPipe™ Cables for Class 4 Fault-Managed Power

PowerPipe™ cables allow for controlled power distribution that is safe, less expensive, faster to install, and meets the needs of Class 4 fault-managed power systems. The technology is also referred to as Digital Electricity* (DE), pulse power or packet energy transfer (PET).

Remee’s Activate™ PowerPipe™ cables combine the convenience and safety of low-voltage cables with the power and distance capabilities of traditional AC distribution. It delivers nearly 20 times the power of PoE over hundreds of meters, while using low-voltage pathways and wiring practices. And, like PoE, the single cable construction requires only one cable pull, saving installation time and expense.

This innovative technology leverages pulse transmission to deliver significant power over long distances, in a similar manner as data packets travel over enterprise networks. As a line powering system, it is a means of energizing remote equipment from a centralized location over copper twisted pairs or hybrid cables with Class 4 fault-managed power.

Line conditions are continuously monitored by transmitters and receivers. If there is a fault such as improper wiring, a short circuit, or a person is touching the transmission lines, the system recognizes the condi¬tion in milliseconds and halts the transmission of power. The result is “touch safe” electrical transmission at high power levels. This “clean power” also eliminates sags and surges.

PowerPipe™ is compliant for use with Class 4 fault-managed power systems.

New PowerPipe™ Cables Key Features

Each of the PowerPipe™ cables in Remee’s Activate™ line has a 300V rating for pulse power transmission. PowerPipe™ cable selections include:

• Multipair Cables – 18, 16 and 14 AWG, unshielded, in Plenum, Riser and Direct Burial versions
• Multipair Cables – 18 and 16 AWG, unshielded, wet location, LSZH insulation & jacket
• Multipair Cables – 18 and 16 AWG, overall shielded, Direct Burial
• Micro Fiber Distribution Hybrid Cables – 18 and 16 AWG, SM OS2, FR-PVC jacket
• Hybrid Cables – 18, 16 and 14 AWG, SM OS2, CMP/OFNP with Remguard™ jacket, CMR/OFNR with FR-PVC jacket
• Hybrid Cables – 16 AWG, SM OS2, wet location, LSZH insulation & jacket

Activate™ PowerPipe™ cables are suitable for indoor and outdoor Digital Electricity* applications such as:
• Small cell
• PoE
• LED lighting systems
• Security cameras
• Data Centers
• Wireless Access Points (WAPs)
• Rooftop macro
• Intelligent building
• Indoor agriculture
• IoT sensors

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*Digital Electricity is a trademark of VoltServer.

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