Fire Alarm Cables are incredibly important. In a world where failure is not an option, Fire Alarm systems rely on high quality cable to connect them to first responders at central monitoring centers as well as alarms and alarm sensors that alert people to potential dangers.

The technology in conventional fire alarm systems has changed little over the years. Remee brings over 40 years experience manufacturing Fire Alarm Cable right here in our facility in Florida, New York. All of our Fire Alarm Cable meets NYC Local Law 5 Fire Alarm requirements as well as NEC article 760 specifications including:

  • All cables are ETL listed
  • All conductors are bare copper (12awg – 24awg)

All Remee fire alarm cable features our EZ Peel Off Jacket that provides a fast and secure installation. We can make NY5 Fire Alarm cable but we also offer additional options so that you can choose the wire you need for your specific application.

Choose from FPLR and FPLP Cable. Below we offer information regarding the differences in these two variations of Fire Alarm Cable.

FPLR stands for: Fire Alarm Power-Limited Riser cable. It is used in a vertical run in a shaft to go from floor to floor. This type of Fire Alarm Cable must pass UL test 1424 and a vertical riser flame test UL 1666.

FPLP stands for: Fire Alarm Power-Limited Plenum cable. It is used in ducts, plenums (which means above drop ceilings and/or under raised floors) and other spaces dedicated to air circulation. Because it runs in spaces dedicated to air circulation, it is designed to produce less smoke in the case of a fire. This type of cable must pass UL test 1424 and UL tunnel test 910.

Whatever specification of wire you choose, you can be assured that our wire will be manufactured with the highest quality, offering you added peace of mind. Want to learn more? Remee Wire & Cable can deliver high quality Fire Alarm Cable that has been manufactured according to the highest standards. Give us a call at 800-431-3864 if you would like a sample of the product, pricing or delivery information. One of our knowledgeable representatives would be happy to help!