Access Control is typically defined as selective restriction of access to a place or other resource. Besides point of entry security, there are other applications for an access control system and since we are in the business of selling access control wiring, we thought we would offer some thoughts on how you can make access control wiring work towards more efficient business practices.

Theft Reduction

Obviously theft falls into the realm of security; you utilize an access control system in order to keep unauthorized people from entering the facility. You can also use it in a way to limit the access to certain areas within your business. If you have highly valued items that you need to keep more secure, utilizing access control can be a way to reduce employee theft. You can also use the system to control when your employees are allowed to be in the office, utilizing parameters that only give them access during their designated work hours.

Payroll Applications

Access control can also be used to track the number of hours an employee spends in their work space. This data can then be applied to payroll systems. It can become a more accurate record of an employee’s time spent which is useful for companies who have a large number of employees to manage.

Energy Savings

You can utilize your access control system in conjunction with your HVAC system and gain some nice savings on your utility bills! Why pay for heating and cooling of a particular area if they are not being utilized for long periods of time? This can lead to a greater energy efficiency and translate to significant savings. In addition to HVAC systems, you can connect your access control system to lighting systems within your building. The concept is the same, when no one is working in the area, the lighting system would be off, leading to a savings of energy & costs.

Cost Savings

In addition to the energy savings mentioned above, you can utilize access control to restrict the use of office equipment such as a copy machines or printers. While a single copy may not seem like much in terms of cost savings, over a longer period of time, the savings can really add up!

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