SOOW Cords are something you probably come across every day. Use an extension cord to power an air compressor in your workshop? There’s a good chance it’s an SOOW cord.

What is an SOOW cord?
SOOW cord is exactly what its name indicates. Each letter in the name stands for something specific.  SOOW stands for:

  • Service Cord
  • Oil resistant jacket
  • Oil resistant insulation
  • Weather/Water resistant


Therefore SOOW cord is a service cord that is constructed with an oil-resistant black thermoset polyethylene (CPE) jacket with color-coded synthetic oil, ozone and water resistant rubber (EPDM) insulation.

The durability of SOOW cord is a result of the components of the jacket and insulation material.  Its jacket material makes it weather resistant.  In fact, the components will harden under direct heat.  This means that the cord will stand up to aging, abrasion, water, sunlight and ozone abuse.  It is safe up to 221 degrees Fahrenheit as well as 40 degrees below 0 Fahrenheit.  The insulation material adds to the durability by making the cord resistant to oil as well.

SOOW cord is also extremely flexible.  The reason for this is the stranding of the copper conductors.  Think of a solid piece of copper, it has little flexibility.  Now think of smaller copper wires stranded together, they retain flexibility and are strong because they are grouped together.  Remee’s SOOW Cord is unique in that we use up to 12 strands of copper wire rather than the standard 7 to give our clients maximum flexibility and strength.

The combined benefits of durability and flexibility make SOOW Cord ideal for use with:

  • industrial equipment
  • heavy tools
  • portable lights
  • appliances
  • small motors
  • marine dockside power
  • mining applications
  • fire alarm & temperature controls
  • remote control circuits

Our knowledgeable customer service representatives will work with you to get the cable you want in your hands when and where you need it. Give us a call at 800-431-3864 if you would like a sample of the product or any pricing / delivery information.