In recent years, Power over Ethernet (PoE) cables have become increasingly popular due to increased demand for improved network access and extending distances in network appliances.

Read on to learn more about PoE cables, how they work, and what sets them apart from their predecessors. We will also cover why Remee Wire and Cable’s Activate™ cables, a version of a PoE cable, could be your best solution.

What Are PoE Cables?

As their name suggests, PoE is a twisted pair Ethernet cable to deliver electrical power and data to devices such as phone systems, wireless access points, and Internet Protocol (IP) cameras. Because they receive electrical power from data network sources, PoE-enabled devices do not have to be connected to an AC power source. This often eliminates the need to run lengths of electrical cable and install new electrical outlets.

PoE cables are a highly efficient way to deliver power to a wide range of low-voltage systems. This has made them the go-to choice for many commercial and residential buildings for applications such as multimedia, WLAN access points, or fire alarms.

Why Are PoE Cables Popular?

There are many reasons companies and homes are interested in PoE-driven applications.

  • Flexibility. Since PoE-enabled devices do not have to be plugged into an AC power source, you can set your devices anywhere you like provided you have a PoE switch and Ethernet cable. This means you can place Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones, security cameras, and other PoE-enabled devices far away from electrical outlets.
  • Budget-friendly. PoE cables are more affordable to install and maintain than other traditional electrical cable runs and outlets. They do not require electricians to fix or maintain them.
  • Data speed. PoE cables are also popular because they offer impressive data speeds. Most brands can now deliver data at 1 Gbps using Cat. 5 and Cat. 6A cables. Additionally, the new IEEE 802.3bz Ethernet standard can offer 2.5 Gbps to 5 Gbps over 100 meters. This is far beyond what is required for daily tasks such as answering emails and streaming videos.
  • Greater data collection capabilities. PoE cables can deliver and amass massive amounts of information about your home or office based on data created by your PoE-enabled devices. This includes information on temperature, movement, and other parameters that can be used to improve your smart home or building.

What Sets PoE Cables Apart From Their Predecessors?

PoE cables stand out from their predecessors in several major ways:

  • Safer. Traditional cables have Class 1 power levels, which means they carry potentially lethal voltages. As such, they must be handled by licensed electricians. In contrast, PoE voltages are Class 2 as they have less than 60 volts. This means you can handle these PoE cables on your own for the most part.
  • Easily rerouted and installed faster. As Class 2 cables, PoE cables generally don’t need metal cladding or conduit, so they are faster to install. You can also easily and safely reroute them without the help of licensed electricians.
  • Great for long cable lengths. Installing traditional electrical wiring over long distances often involves opening up walls to hard-wire devices, installing electrical boxes and outlets, and more. PoE cables.

The Problem with PoE Cables

While PoE cables have some tremendous features and can provide great value, there is a limitation: distance. PoE cables can only run to a maximum length of 100 meters or 328 feet, from the hub or switch to the NIC. This limits many applications where longer runs are needed for data and power.

Experience the Activate™ by Remee Distance Solution

To provide power over both PoE and extended distances, Activate™ by Remee is now available, featuring a variety of Powered Cable Solutions (PCS). The new Activate™ by Remee PCS line features utility Twisted Pair (uTP) cables and Powered Fiber Cable Solutions (PFCS). The latter are fiber optic and copper hybrid constructions that extend the signal distance much further and are compatible with a fast-growing number of devices. Activate™ by Remee provides powered cabling for large-scale projects such as large buildings, government facilities, transportation facilities, campuses, and more.


Activate PoE cable by Remee Wire and Cable
Activate™ by Remee cables boasts a variety of standout features from other PoE cables


Resilient and budget-friendly, Activate™ by Remee cables boast a variety of standout features, including:

  • Jacket options. We offer several jacketing options for our PoE cables:
    • Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) jackets are made of thermoset or thermoplastic compounds that produce limited smoke and no toxic halogen gasses. Read more about the Benefits of LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) Cables.
    • RemGuard Polymer jackets with low smoke and flammability for plenum-rated cables.
  • Stripability. Remguard insulation is easy to strip and peel away from conductors. This makes adjusting and using Remee Activate™ PoE cables easier than other Power over Ethernet cables.
  • Water-blocking. You can choose water-blocking compounds, water-swellable tape, or AquaLock™ dry tube technology to create moisture barriers for direct burial and other applications that involve exposure to moisture.
  • Bundling. Our bundled and composite cables allow multiple signals to travel over more than one cable under one jacket. This streamlines the installation process as only one cable needs to be pulled.
  • Interference protection. Cables with foil shields have 100% coverage, preventing degradation from ingress or egress and signal interference.
  • Flexibility. They can be used as fire alarm cables, multimedia cables, and in many other applications requiring data and power at extended distances.

Activate™ by Remee cable solutions for data at any distance include:

  • Standard Category PoE Cables
  • Cat6 Limited Power for PoE++
  • Powered Fiber Copper Solutions (PFCS)
  • Utility Twisted Pair™ (uTP™)
  • Custom-made cables, including hybrid and fiber-optic. We offer many fiber-optic cable types, including tight buffer cables.

And watch for our upcoming introduction of Activate™ Digital Electricity cables!

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