Applications for cabling are ubiquitous and include industries as diverse as robotics, manufacturing, electronics, big data, and even audio and instrumentation depending on the reliability needed. They have many similar components, but the latest cables are as unique as the industries they serve. Designing the right cable to connect your project depends heavily on your application, the environment, and choosing among the right top wire and cable manufacturers. Fortunately, the Remee TEKwire™ Cables are ideal for most applications.

One of the most rugged yet versatile cables on the market is the Remee TEKwire™ cable series. These quality cables can include standard cables and custom-made cables, they can be made to meet a wide number of industry specifications, and they are frequently designed as composite cable constructions. They can hold up to some of the most demanding industrial conditions. Here’s some background on what the cable consists of, what features and types of cables are available, and what they’re most often used for — and why Remee’s TEKwire™ cables are the best option for you.

Background on TEKwire™ Cables

Essentially cables include a number of conductors with other components. Today there are many different types of cables to choose from. Ethernet cables, HDMI cables, coaxial cables, fiber-optic cables and plenum cable are some of the most common, but industries often need specialized configurations, such as a composite cable, that is best suited for their industry, like those offered in the TEKwire™ series. A few components for custom made cables include:

  • Color scheme
  • Conductors – solid copper, stranded
  • Jackets
  • Shields
  • Twisting pattern (lay)
  • Water blocking tape
  • Messengers

Remee’s TEKwire™ cables are sturdy enough to withstand many industry conditions, so they are used in a large number of applications. They can also be configured to meet certain requirements like low capacitance for minimal electrical interference or zero-halogen for fire safety. To find the right cable for your project, plan your cable design carefully with guidance from a Remee cable expert. Ask An Expert.

What Features of TEKwire™ Cables Are Available?

Before you can determine if Remee’s TEKwire™ cables are right for your project, it helps to know what options you have. Some of the most common cable features include:

  • Tinning: Bare copper wires are usually sufficiently corrosion-resistant, but tinning the conductors can protect them further and provide a better connection. They may become damaged when inserted into threaded fasteners, though, so high-vibration environments may use wires that are left untinned.
  • Jacketing: The outermost sleeve of a cable, the jacket is the part of the cable that users see and touch. It can be made from thermoplastics, thermosets, or elastomers to determine rigidity, corrosion resistance, and insulation, and can be color-coded according to industry standards or the customer’s brand. The jacket walls on Remee’s TEKwire™ cables are thicker, providing greater signal performance and durability.
  • Shielding: Foil or braid shields encase insulated conductors to provide extra protection from electromagnetic interference (EMI), so consider shielding for applications where high electrical noise is present. Remee offers double shield (foil + braid) options in their TEKwire™ line.
  • Fire safety: In high-temperature applications, added fire protection is essential. Some plastics can withstand especially high temperatures and are an ideal material for jackets. Plenum cable and the use of low-smoke, zero-halogen (LSZH) coatings can help reduce harmful pollutants to give evacuees a better chance to escape in the event of a building fire. In addition to plenum cable, the TEKwire™ line also offers FEP jacketed versions, which are rugged and ideal for use in harsh environments and wet locations. They are UL 444 rated, and NFPA 262 plenum rated.

Other variables to consider are braiding style and other shielding options, electrical rating, low capacitance, plenum or riser ratings, cables for DMX-512 stage lighting controls, Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) styles, and more. Remee’s TEKwire™ cables likely cover any spec you need — and our extended R.O.S.E. Warranty can be added as well for structured cabling applications. For a nonstandard cable, request a custom-made cable here and receive a quote.

TEKwire™ Cables Applications

The many features that can be customized in TEKwire™ cables make them suitable for many industries, but these are the most common applications we see.

Data Transmission for TEKwireCables

Data centers, network security solutions, home automation, and other digital applications all heavily depend on a sturdy connection to get the job done — and they need a cable that can keep up. High-speed data transmission can be hindered by stray capacitance, which can lead to power loss and a fuzzy signal.

The shielding, jacketing, and braiding options offered in the TEKwire™ cable line enable them to minimize EMI noise. This makes them ideal as control & digital signaling cables.

Many other general-purpose cables for industry applications may not be able to transmit data with low error rates and at high speed, but TEKwire™ cables deliver a fast reliable signal.

Manufacturing the Data Transmission Cables

The more automated manufacturing becomes, the more cable-dependent the industry will be. Robots, cobots, and other industrial automation equipment are powered by cables that connect their machinery, making cables increasingly exposed to conditions found on factory floors. That means they’ll need:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • High-temperature resistance
  • High tensile strength
  • Moisture resistance
  • Vibration dampening

Cables that operate in a manufacturing setting must be rugged. They need tight interconnects that will stay attached as machines move and vibrate, and must balance having enough wall thickness to withstand a possible impact or cut. TEKwire™ cables are notoriously sturdy, so they can stand up to the strenuous conditions in the manufacturing sector.

Multiple Connections 

IT teams must regularly plug in multiple devices to a single system or hub, and that requires long cables with many connectors. The ubiquitous TEKwire™ cables can be used for RS-222, RS-232, and RS-485 digital communication, so they can link up to a wide number of devices across long distances. Short-range — 50 feet or less — single-device communication can be achieved with RS-232 TEKwire™ cables, while RS-485 cables can link up to 32 devices with a length of up to 4,000 feet. Some industry-specific locations that could benefit from this flexibility are:

  • Computer labs
  • Office spaces
  • Research facilities
  • Server rooms

With so many potential uses, TEKwire™ cables can connect a wide number of devices for many applications.

Audio and Video Cables

The low capacitance that TEKwire™ cables can provide isn’t just helpful for data transmission. It helps musicians and videographers, too. Less attenuation means instruments can deliver more “bite” to their amplifier, and video signals can offer better resolution, as well.

Safety First with Plenum Cable

No matter what the application may be, safety should always come first. TEKwire™ plenum cable is rated CMP and is safe for use in air plenums, while others are riser-rated (CMR) to be hung vertically through multi-floor structures. These cables must pass strenuous industry tests to ensure a low risk of burning, and many other options exist that can allow cables to withstand higher voltages and temperatures.

LSZH jacketing also improves safety by eliminating halogens, which can cause serious respiratory damage if smoke is inhaled during a fire. Less smoke also allows for greater visibility should a fire occur, enabling occupants to escape more easily.

Why Remee TEKwire™ cables?

At Remee Wire & Cable, we have extensive experience with engineering standard cables as well as custom-made cables, such as composite cable constructions, according to the needs of each of our customers. We understand that each application is unique, and while our TEKwire™ cables are often rugged and versatile enough to hold up in many demanding industries, we can custom-build cabling solutions for any customer that needs them. Connect with a Remee expert today to determine what cable is right for your project.

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