The GRIDSMART SOLUTION, part of Cubic Transportation Systems, adopted the Activate™ by Remee Copper/Fiber Composite Cable for use in its highly advanced SMARTMOUNT2025 traffic intersection control system.

The GRIDSMART SOLUTION provides state-of-the-art traffic management, allowing municipalities and other users to upgrade their systems from existing buried inductive loops or the use of PoE cables to the camera.

The Problem Brought to Remee: Distance & Interference

The GRIDSMART SOLUTION used a Cat 5e PoE cable between their bell camera and the processor in the traffic control cabinet.

While this PoE cable provided a means to deliver data and power the camera, a Category cable can only run 328 feet before a repeater is required. The repeaters were typically located below ground, making them susceptible to water penetration issues, and these were points of vulnerability for signal performance.

The Category cable was also susceptible to EMI with power lines that were often positioned near traffic intersections, radio signals, and lightning.

Activate Remee PFCSRemee’s Solution: Activate™ by Remee PFCS:

Cubic Transportation Systems looked at several options for the GRIDSMART Solution and chose Activate™ by Remee with its Powered Fiber Copper Solution (PFCS) to cable their best-in-class system.

This composite cable allowed The GRIDSMART System to run data at longer lengths and eliminate the use of repeaters. Similar to the Cat 5e, the Activate™ by Remee cable required only one cable pull, saving installation time.

The cable solution for SMARTMOUNT2025 included four 3.0mm aramid-reinforced tubes of OM3 multimode fiber – two fibers carrying the signals and two for redundancy.

In addition, two 16 AWG copper conductors were used to power the camera and were cabled, along with the fibers, in an overall composite construction. This rugged cable was designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use.

“Activate™ by Remee Provided a Solution for Installations with Distance, Interference and
Performance Issues.”

– Tracy Nelson, Hardware Engineering Director, CUBIC | GRIDSMART

The Benefits of Activate™ by Remee

Activate™ by Remee was chosen for the features and benefits it provided over other options reviewed. Remee Wire & Cable continues to think outside the box and provide solutions to large-scale powered cabling projects. The benefits that the GRIDSMART SOLUTION achieved by using Activate™ by Remee PFCS composite cable for SMARTMOUNT2025 included:

  • More reliable communication
  • Elimination of noise interference and EMI from nearby power lines, radio signals, lightning, and even cosmic noise
  • Fewer points of failure than in the traditional Ethernet system
  • Runs up to 2,000 feet without repeaters, requiring less space

Why Remee?

Remee Wire & Cable was chosen to supply SmartMount 2025 systems because:

  • The GRIDSMART SOLUTION management team was comfortable with Remee’s experience and expertise in pairing copper and fiber optic cables
  • Remee’s response time and feedback were very quick
  • The lead time was very good and deliveries have been on time
  • The GRIDSMART SOLUTION management team felt that
  • Remee’s philosophies and culture were in sync with theirs
  • The GRIDSMART SOLUTION management team also had a positive experience working with Remee’s distributor
  • Remee could design and manufacture a custom cable to meet the specific application criteria


Traffic Management Using GRIDSMART high-tech SMARTMOUNT2025 intersection control system.GRIDSMART is the industry’s first fiber solution for intelligent transportation systems. A composite cable designed to withstand the elements, eliminate repeaters, and run data at longer lengths, it was adopted by Cubic Transportation Systems’ GRIDSMART high-tech SMARTMOUNT2025 intersection control system.

Cubic Transportation Systems prides itself on using state-of-the-art equipment and components for its SMARTMOUNT2025 system. This best-in-class solution features advanced image processing, computer vision modeling, and machine learning, all with a single-camera solution.

One of the visions behind the GRIDSMART SOLUTION is to improve one billion lives. The company is well on its way to achieving this goal with over 300 billion vehicles monitored in 29
countries and 1300 communities, including 49 states in the U.S.

The GRIDSMART SOLUTION can easily claim that it…

  • Delivers real-time data to traffic professionals
  • Makes traffic safer and more efficient
  • Improves situational awareness and reduces urban traffic congestion
  • Optimizes the flow of traffic and people through intersections

    GRIDSMART By Remee In Use

For more information about the GRIDSMART SOLUTION, go to

“We were very comfortable with Remee’s experience in pairing copper and fiber under one jacket.”

– Matt King, Senior Product Operations Manager, CUBIC | GRIDSMART

Powered Cable Solutions for Any Distance: Activate™

The Activate™ by Remee PCS line features utility Twisted Pair™ (uTP™) cables, PowerPipe™ Distribution Cables, and Powered Fiber Cable Solutions (PFCS). The latter are fiber optic and copper hybrid constructions which extend the signal distance much further and are compatible with a fast-growing number of devices.

Activate™ by Remee provides powered cabling for large-scale projects such as large buildings, government facilities, transportation facilities, campuses, and more.

Use Activate™ by Remee for any power/data combination to reach the end run you need:

  • Large data & limited power
  • Little data & limited power
  • Little data & high power
  • Larger data & high power

For a look into more product information on Activate™ download our brochure.

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