Cubic Transportation Systems’ GRIDSMART SOLUTION has installed Activate™ by Remee Copper/Fiber composite cable in its SMARTMOUNT2025 intersection traffic control system.

As the industry’s first fiber solution for intelligent transportation systems, GRIDSMART facilitates intersection actuation and detection, and provides state-of-the-art traffic management, allowing municipalities and other users to upgrade their systems form existing buried inductive loops or use of PoE cables to the camera.  Activate™ by Remee was created in response to the growing need to extend the distance limits of Power over Ethernet (PoE) cables.

Read on to learn more about Activate™ by Remee and what makes it special.


GRIDSMART is the industry’s first fiber solution for intelligent transportation systems. A composite cable designed to withstand the elements, eliminate repeaters, and run data at longer lengths, it was adopted by Cubic Transportation Systems in 2021 for GRIDSMART’s high-tech SMARTMOUNT2025 intersection control system.

A premier single-camera system for interpreting traffic data, GRIDSMART is known for its state-of-the-art traffic management systems. GRIDSMART provides municipalities and others the ability to upgrade their systems from PoE cables or existing buried inductive loops. to the camera or from

Before they chose to use Activate™ by Remee, GRIDSMART used a Cat 5e PoE cable between the processor in the traffic control cabinet and their bell camera. This provided a way to power and deliver data to the camera, but the cable could only run 328 feet before a repeater was needed.

Furthermore, these repeaters were mostly underground and susceptible to water penetration, which weakened signal performance.

When looking for replacements for the Cat 5e PoE cable, Cubic Transportation Systems looked at several options and was particularly impressed by Activate™ by Remee’s innovative features. Accordingly, they decided to go with Activate™ by Remee’s Powered Fiber Copper Solution (PFCS), as it eliminated repeaters and allowed the GRIDSMART System to run data over longer lengths.

Cubic Transportation Systems also liked how Activate™ by Remee, like the Cat 5e, only required one cable pull, which minimized installation time.

Our cable solution for SMARTMOUNT2025 was as follows:

  • Four 3.0 millimeter aramid-reinforced tubes of OM3 multimode fiber.
    • Two of these fibers are for redundancy while the other two are for carrying signals.
  • Two 16 AWG copper conductors to power the camera, which were cabled with the fibers in a composite construction.

What are the Benefits of Activate™ by Remee?

The Remee GRIDSMART system offers the following benefits:

  • Better communication
  • Eliminates electromagnetic interference (EMI) and noise interference from nearby lightning, radio signals, power lines, and cosmic noise.
    • In contrast, the Cat 5e PoE cable was susceptible to EMI, as its power lines were often close to radio signals, lightning, and traffic intersections.
  • Can run up to 2,000 feet without repeaters, using less space.
  • Fewer failure points compared to traditional Ethernet systems
  • Fiber optic and copper hybrid Powered Fiber Cable Solutions (PFCS)
  • Perfect for large-scale projects such as government facilities, campuses, transportation facilities, large buildings, and more.
  • Only requires one cable pull, saving time and energy spent on installation.
  • The Activate™ cables helped GRIDSMART solve distance issues as well.

Like all Remee cables, Activate™ by Remee meets the applicable CSA and ETL requirements and is manufactured under ISO 9001 certification.

‌‌Why does GRIDSMART Choose Remee?

GRIDSMART chose Remee Wire & Cable to supply SMARTMOUNT2025 systems because:

  • They were impressed by Remee’s expertise  in pairing fiber with copper
  • They appreciated Remee’s quick feedback and response time
  • They liked Remee’s ability to manufacture and design custom cables to meet their criteria.
  • Remee’s lead time was impressive, and their deliveries have always been on time
  • They had positive experiences working with Remee’s distributor

Read more about how Remee developed Activate™ for GRIDSMART in this case study.

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