Warranties are in every industry, and as Forbes Magazine states, you need one. Remee, a leading manufacturer of wire and cables, stands behind its products with best-in-class warranty options. Along with a standard warranty, Remee also offers the option of an additional 25 year extended warranty in the form of the R.O.S.E. Warranty. A 25-year product guarantee is not a promise that companies make lightly. After nearly fifty years in existence, Remee stakes its reputation on each and every order.

Remee stands behind its Remee Open Systems Edge (R.O.S.E) warranty and offers this additional extended warranty to give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the product you’ve bought is expected to last decades, but if something does go wrong, Remee will be there to correct it. Remee’s extended warranty can be purchased to cover products including premise or Category cable and power-over-Ethernet (PoE) cables. Remee’s extended warranty covers both fiber-optic to and copper cables.

The Basics of Remee’s R.O.S.E. Warranty

The products we install today and the standards were based on interoperability.  Components were verified individually to provide a ‘system’ solution.  Warranties cover you in the unlikely event that something happens to the system during the coverage period. If so, the manufacturer will replace the product. Remee’s extended R.O.S.E. warranty is unlike any other in the industry in a number of critical ways.

Length of Time

The R.O.S.E. Warranty is for the installed system (cable and connectivity) and provides coverage for 25-years.


The R.O.S.E. extended warranty covers any UTP/STP/Fiber cable installed in conjunction with any ETL/UL component compliant verified connector manufacturer.  Some of these names include Hubbell, CommScope, AFL, Corning, Belden, Panduit, Leviton, Signamax, etc…. See the extended warranty documentation for a list of connectivity partners.


Most system warranties are marketed as partnerships between one connector option one cable brand.  Remee does not limit your choice of connector brand. Although Remee partners with multiple other approved manufacturers, You can choose to use connectivity from any other manufacturer you want! This warranty coverage is offered by very few cable manufacturers besides Remee Wire & Cable.

If Remee’s products are correctly installed and terminated by contractor/integrator certified by BICSI, you will not have voided your warranty. Remee’s R.O.S.E. Warranty gives you the freedom to design your ideal system without the limitations put in place by other companies.

R.O.S.E. Warranty Claim Requirements

Claims must be filed with Remee in a timely manner after damage has been discovered. After claims are filed with initial invoices, Remee will have the damage or defect inspected to evaluate the extent of the repairs necessary. Remee will work with you to ensure that any damage or defect is remedied to your satisfaction.

Quick Replacements

Because Remee is a family-owned company with an efficient manufacturing process, replacement pieces can be quickly obtained to ensure very little disruption in services. Remee’s manufacturing process can switch between cable types to ensure replacement parts are ready when you need them. Additionally, because Remee’s manufacturing plant is in the United States, you are not subject to the delays that come with international manufacturers.

How to Get a Extended R.O.S.E Warranty

There are a few steps you need to take prior to applying for R.O.S.E. extended warranty coverage, but Remee has made the process painless.

Prior to installing the wiring, you must send the company a letter of intent stating you plan on registering the system for warranty coverage. Each system must be installed by a BICSI certified installer. The fiber/copper cables must be Remee. Any cables not provided by Remee will not be covered under the Warranty.

Coverage You Can Trust

Remee Wire and Cable is a proud manufacturer of quality products.  If you have a claim against your warranty, Remee will provide replacement cable and reimburse for any labor charges incurred as a result of cable/connector solution failures in the link or channel (subject to the type of Warranty applied for).

If new products are installed, Remee will cover the new products for the remainder of the extended warranty coverage period, guaranteeing you will continue to be satisfied with your choice to install high-quality Remee wire and cable.

By choosing Remee products, you are choosing to partner with a manufacturer who is willing to stake its reputation on the longevity and solid manufacturing of its products. With decades of manufacturing experience and a solid warranty, you can sleep soundly knowing that you have made a wise choice for all your wire and cable needs.

See the full R.O.S.E. Warranty offered by Remee for more information and details.