Engineered with you in mind, we’ve found yet another way to provide our customers with personalized cable services. One of the prime features of Remee Wire & Cable is our specially created surplus cable inventory program. This program called the REMnant™ Excess Inventory program, gives customers access to high-quality surplus cable at a discounted price.

Our surplus cable inventory program provides deals on excess cable and wire inventory that Remee has in stock. This program benefits contractors, integrators, dealers, distributors, and others with cable needs, granting them access to a large variety of wire and cable, typically in shorter lengths, for their projects. Keep reading to discover how to take advantage of Remee’s surplus cable inventory and its benefits.

Surplus Cable Inventory Options – Excess Inventory & Random Lengths

Remee offers a surplus cable inventory of standard cable products. Our standard surplus inventory includes surplus fiber optic cable. The surplus inventory includes various cables, like fiber optic cables and copper cables, specifically manufactured for a certain application, but were not ultimately used. Both types of surplus inventory offer high-quality cables, some at discounted prices.

Further, customers can search through two categories of Remee’s surplus inventory cables: excess inventory and random lengths. Excess inventory refers to our wide selection of cables available in 500 ft. or longer lengths. The cables in this category are typically from discontinued products or overproduced products.

The second category is our Random Lengths category. Here, you can search for and locate many copper and fiber optic cables, available in random lengths, from several hundred feet to over 1,000 feet. The cables in this category are typically from mill ends or cables cut to order.

Both categories of surplus inventory offer high-quality cables, many at a discounted price. Shopping through our surplus cable inventory program can save your organization money by offering a discount on the listed price of all types of surplus wire.

Remee excess inventory of cables When you Don’t Need a Full Reel, get REMnant™ Cables and Save!

Remee created the surplus cable inventory program to help installers, integrators, contractors, and distributors find high-quality wire and cable at a lower cost than buying full spools or reels when less is needed. Our program helps you stay competitive in your markets while offering your customers the best possible cables and services.

The surplus cable inventory program also benefits Remee, too. We can move excess cable inventory quickly by offering surplus wire at discounted prices, freeing up valuable warehouse space for new cable products.

Surplus Cable Inventory – Copper & Fiber Optic Cables

Remee keeps copper and fiber optic cables in stock, making them available for our customers when needed. But sometimes, we have too much cable inventory compared to our current demand. That’s when we can offer these overproduced or excess cables, some at discount pricing.

These surplus copper and fiber optic cables feature the Remee assurance of top-quality manufacturing. These extra surplus cables are normal stock, not secondhand or rejects, and work as reliably as any other Remee cable.

Not sure what type of fiber optic cable you need? Get a better understanding of the different types of fiber optic cables Remee offers by reading our informative article. Not only will you understand more about the fiber optic cables Remee offers, but you will also learn some of the benefits you gain from working with Remee for fiber optic cables.

Whether you’re looking for fiber optic cables, wet location cables, or excess inventory cables, you can depend on Remee and our high-quality control standards to find the exact match for the job.

Remee Cable and wire manufacturing cable Benefits of Remee’s Surplus Cable Inventory Program

Using Remee’s surplus cable inventory program brings multiple benefits. For one, our surplus inventory helps customers save money by purchasing high-quality wire and cables at a discounted price.

Second, the program offers a wide variety of cables to choose from. Collectively, there are over 1,000 cables available in the REMnant™ program. Remee will regularly update the offerings to keep the surplus cable inventory lists current.

Another benefit to the surplus cable program is that Remee becomes an option for many of our customers to find the right kind of required cable. Customers get to search for hard-to-find or discontinued cables that may not be available through other channels. This way, you can maintain your existing systems or complete projects without searching for alternative cable solutions.

Save Money & Find High-Quality Cables

To take advantage of the surplus cable inventory program, visit our website and search for the cables you need. Once you find the cables you need for your project, add them to their cart and check out. Remee will ship your ordered cables promptly.

Remee’s surplus cable inventory program is an excellent way for customers to save money while still getting high-quality wire and cable. By offering some at discounted prices on excess inventory, Remee grants customers access to the products they need at a reasonable cost. And with a wide variety of cables to choose from, you will surely find the cables you need for your next project.

Reliable Custom Cable Manufacturers Near Me

Remee Wire and Cable manufacturing

Remee Wire and Cable has consistently been the go-to choice for many top organizations seeking reliable cables. Our reputation for delivering high-performing and high-quality solutions precedes us, as we have been approached time and time again to provide our expertise in solving complex cable problems. At Remee, we take pride in our ability to deliver top-rated standard and custom made cables that not only meet but exceed our client’s expectations.

Our capabilities are unmatched. Check out how we created the industry’s first fiber optic solution intersection detection and actuation for GRIDSMART®. We’ve also been able to provide a new cable solution to solve access control issues for a large online retailer with global distribution. These are just two examples of the cable solutions we were able to provide for our customers.

For those seeking high-quality standard or custom made cables look no further than Remee Wire and Cable. As a top choice for organizations in need of reliable cabling solutions, our expertise in delivering quality cables is unmatched. Trust Remee to provide the innovative cable solutions you require for your project & application.

Need a Custom Cable for Your Next Project? Check Out Remee’s Surplus Cable Inventory!

Are you in the market for reliable low-voltage cables for your next project? Start the search for a cable by looking into Remee’s surplus cable inventory program. As mentioned before, our program will help you save money on the cables you need for your application.

If we don’t have the cable you need in stock don’t worry. Remee Wire and Cable offer high-quality custom cables that will be perfect for your project. Check out our extensive selection of cables and capabilities and speak with an expert to determine the best cable for your project.

As world-class manufacturers of cable, Remee Wire and Cable will offer you the cable solution you are looking for. You can get just about any cable you need from Remee – standard, modified standard, and custom engineered, including complex designs – with the most flexible service terms to meet your special needs.

At Remee, we take pride in providing innovative cable solutions that exceed expectations and offer unmatched performance. Trust us to deliver the quality and reliability you deserve. Check out our surplus cable inventory today!