Home is your haven, it’s where you should feel comforted and safe from harm.  With this week being designated as Stay Safe At Home week, we thought we would offer some tips on keeping your haven safe from burglars. Here are 5 easy DIY tips:

  • Be sure you regularly remove flyers, mail, newspapers and packages from your front door and porch.  Many of us regularly use entrances into our home other than the front door, however, sales people, USPS workers and other delivery people generally still head to that spot to leave behind literature for us to review.  If you never enter your home through the front door, be sure you make clearing flyers and such a part of your routine.

Related Tip – If you are going away, have a neighbor pick up your mail, packages and newspapers for you.  Another option is for you to contact the Post Office and ask them to suspend service if you are going to be out of town for an extended period of time.

  • Keep up with maintaining the landscaping all around your home.  There are two smart reasons for this. First, a manicured yard and just-mowed grass gives the appearance that you are home or have been home recently rather than away on vacation.  Second, you don’t want overgrown shrubbery to become a place for a likely intruder to hide.  When you are working on your landscaping be on the lookout for places burglars could hide rather than just designing for aesthetic.
  • Put timers on your lights.  If all the lights are out…that means no one is home right?  Fight that notion by setting lights in the dining or living room to go on at dusk regardless of whether or not you are home.
    • Related Tip – You can also put your front porch light on a timer to deter intruders.  Or install a motion activated timer so that if someone approaches your home, a light comes on with the intent of frightening them away.
  • Do you have a mirror by your front door so you can give yourself a glace before dashing out the door?  If so, double check to be sure that it doesn’t show a reflection of your security system key pad.  A burglar could come to your door, peek in a window and easily see if your system is armed or unarmed.
  • We all love to share photos on social media of our vacation adventures, just don’t do it while you are away.  Burglars do their homework…studies show that they check social media to find an easy victim.  So, wait and post your photos after you are home!


Don’t take chances when it comes to security. Be sure that your security system is equipped with the latest technology including cameras for added security.  That means making sure that your home is wired with high-quality wire and cable.

Coaxial Cable is the go to cable for installing security cameras.
Remee manufactures RG6, RG11 & RG59 coaxial cable right here in the USA.  We have a variety of construction configurations available including those for indoor or outdoor use as well as with or without a galvanized steel messenger for support.

If you want more detailed information, please give us a call.  The knowledgeable staff of Remee Wire and Cable would love to answer any questions, send you samples or help you find a specific wire. We can be reached at 800-431-3864 or online at remee.com