What is an SOOW cord?
Each letter in the name SOOW stands for something specific.  Broken down the letters represent:

  • Service Cord
  • Oil resistant jacket
  • Oil resistant insulation
  • Weather/Water resistant


S – The S stands for Service
SOOW cord is a flexible service cord that supplies up to 600 Volts and is used for various applications including:

  • Wiring for portable tools & appliances
  • Wiring for equipment and small motors & machinery
  • Fire alarm & temperature controls
  • Remote control circuits
  • Portable generators

Availability is generally from 2 to 18 awg with 3 and 4 copper conductors.  In SOOW cord, the conductors are stranded for extra flexibility.  Remee’s SOOW Cord is unique in that we use up to 12 strands of copper wire rather than the standard 7 to give our clients maximum flexibility and strength.


O – The first O stands for an Oil Resistant Jacket
SOOW is durable largely because of the components that make up the jacket material.  The oil resistant jacket is constructed with black thermoset polyethylene (CPE).  It resists oils and other solvents and is also flame & abrasion resistant.

O – The second O stands for Oil Resistant Insulation
SOOW cord is insulated with color-coded synthetic oil, ozone and water resistant rubber (EPDM). This material adds to the overall durability of the cord as well as making it more oil, abrasion and weather resistant.

W- The W stands for Weather and Water Resistant
SOOW’s jacket material and insulation makes it weather and water resistant.  It is UL listed and CSA certified for both indoor and outdoor use.  In fact, the components will harden under direct heat for extra protection.  This means that during outdoor use, SOOW cord will stand up against water, sunlight and ozone abuse.  It is safe up to 221 degrees Fahrenheit as well as 40 degrees below 0 Fahrenheit.  It is also aging and abrasion resistant making it great for use when the conditions are less than optimal.

SOOW Cord is perfect for use with:

  • industrial equipment
  • heavy tools
  • portable lights
  • appliances
  • small motors
  • marine dockside power
  • mining applications
  • fire alarm & temperature controls
  • remote control circuits

MSHA listed and OSHA acceptable.

Want to learn more?  Give us a call at 800-431-3864.  We would be happy to answer any specific questions regarding SOOW cord or general questions about Remee products and getting you the cable you need when and where you need it.  We can even send you a sample if you’d like!