Don’t take chances when it comes to security. Be sure that your security system is equipped with the latest technology including cameras for added security and access control equipment so you can be in control of who enters or exits your home or business.

Coaxial Cable is the go to cable for installing security cameras.
Beyond the world of security, Coax Cable has a broad variety of uses that include: radio transmitter connection, radio receivers with their antennas, video display, local area network controls, point of sale terminals as well as CATV or CCTV transmissions.

Coaxial Cable 101
If you were to look at a round cross section of a coaxial cable, you would find a single-center solid copper wire surrounded by a tubular insulating layer, surrounded by a braided, conducting, foil shield.  In an ideally constructed coaxial cable like those manufactured by Remee Wire and Cable, the signal exists only in the space between the inner and outer conductors.  This allows for coaxial cable to be installed next to metal objects without the loss in power that sometimes occurs in other cable types.  The additional layer of shielding also allows for less signal interference from the outside environment.

Cable Specifics
Remee manufactures RG6, RG11 & RG59 coaxial cable right here in the USA.  We have a variety of construction configurations available including those for indoor or outdoor use as well as with or without a galvanized steel messenger for support.

When security is important, Access Control Cable can ensure that your system is running smoothly.

Access Control 101
Access Control Cables have added security features utilizing the most up-to-date technology.  Control access to your home or office with the connection of power locks, card readers, door contacts and the ability to request an exit.

Cable Specifics
Remee manufactures cable for access control in both PVC & Plenum, Shielded or Unshielded and with a variety of jacket colors.  Plus, our all in one cable design features a spare cable allowing you to future proof your system for expansion.

If you need more detailed information, get in touch with us.  The knowledgeable staff of Remee Wire and Cable would love to answer any questions, send you samples and help you find the right wire for the right job. Remee can provide the wire you need, when and where you need it, with the prices that keep you coming back for more.