Businesses, just like people, have certain characteristics that set them apart.
For some, it is a unique product or service.
For others, it might be an interesting location or specialized business hours.

For Remee Wire and Cable, we feel it’s our employees that truly set us apart.

Remee has always taken pride in the high quality wire and cable that we manufacture for our customers.  We love being able to give our customers the product they need, when they need it with great pricing.  It is something we feel confident we will continue to do well into the future because of the dedication of our employees.  We know that the only way we have been able to come this far is due to the hard work of our employees.  As proud as we are of our product line, we take even more pride in our employees who work together to not just meet, but exceed the needs of our customers.

We know that each day our employees choose to focus on our core values:  quality, value, and service.

Most of the 150+ individuals that work on our team have been with Remee for years, not months.  Some employees do leave, they look to find employment elsewhere, but many end up coming back home, to Remee.  We know that each employee gives their all during their shifts; the results shine through when they go the extra mile for our customers.

Three words Quality, Value, and Service.
They are a part of every employee’s responsibility.
They are consistently delivered every day.
And for that we say…

Thank you!
We not be Remee Wire and Cable without you.