Remee Wire & Cable, Mobilitie, and VoltServer provided a Digital Electricity* solution for a large municipal transportation agency. VoltServer, the developer of Digital Electricity™ (DE) technology, provided its equipment to power the DAS Radios for the metropolitan rail system to Mobilitie, the 3rd party operator and owner of the system infrastructure, who also installed the equipment. Remee Wire & Cable was selected by Mobilitie to provide its PowerPipe™ cabling solution for this installation, which was designed and approved for use with VoltServer’s DE equipment.

Mobilitie, a Third-Party Operator with particular expertise in tunnel installations, was selected to provision, own and operate the Distributed Antenna System (DAS) infrastructure. Mobilitie, in turn, selected Remee Wire & Cable to provide its PowerPipe™ cabling solution for the municipal transportation agency installation which is suitable for use with VoltServer Digital Electricity™. Continue reading to see how these optimized products and systems provided a unique solution for the large municipal transportation agency. Remee Wire & Cable is a world-class manufacturer of electronic wire and cable, both copper and fiber optic cable. Remee offers some of the best cabling solutions and extensive cable manufacturing abilities.

We offer a unique set of brand attributes, personalized service, and product selection. Remee provides cable solutions that are unique to each and every project. Remee will provide you with the manufactured cables you need. Remee offers standard, modified standard, and custom-engineered cables, all with the most flexible service terms to meet your special needs.

Remee’s rugged PowerPipe™ cabling solutionTHE PROBLEM: How to safely power the DAS equipment throughout the tunnel system.

The control equipment for the rail system needed the capability to carry thousands of watts of power over thousands of feet to power the radios installed throughout the system. The installation would involve the transmission of data and power from equipment stations throughout the tunnels of these transit systems

Mobilitie needed a system that was capable of carrying thousands of watts of power over thousands of feet for the project. Mobilitie needed these radios installed throughout the Metro Rail Transit system. The installation would involve the transmission of data and power from equipment stations throughout the tunnels of these transit systems.

THE SOLUTION: Utilize VoltServer’s Digital Electricity™ system with Remee’s rugged PowerPipe™ cabling solution.

VoltServer’s patented Digital Electricity™ system was selected by Mobilitie for this project. VoltServer invented Digital Electricity™, a patented methodology, for the safe transmission of power up to 2km. This innovative technology offers the power and distance capabilities of traditional AC distribution but with the safety characteristics inherent to low-voltage power distribution.

It delivers significantly more power at greater distances than PoE or Class 2 infrastructure while using the same low-voltage wiring practices and pathways. It was the perfect solution for powering the DAS radios throughout the tunnel system.

Mobilitie was awarded as a third-party operator to install, own and operate the DAS and fiber infrastructure needed. With its experience working in tunnels, such as with Seattle Sound Transit, Mobilitie was the ideal organization for transit projects.

Mobilitie works with Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T to provide carrier services for its projects. Mobilitie also utilizes the VoltServer solution for projects due to the unique benefits of Digital Electricity™.

Remee Wire & Cable, as an approved cable supplier for VoltServer’s Digital Electricity™ system, was one of the available options for Mobilitie to provide cabling for the transit project. Mobilitie chose Remee because of the cable manufacturer’s ability to meet NFPA 130 requirements for jacketing in a tunnel environment.

Remee had already been working on similar NFPA 130 cabling solutions for its customers and had the expertise and capability to provide the same certification for Mobilitie. Remee was selected to provide its PowerPipe™ cable for the Digital Electricity™ applications, running a cable from the various stations to remote locations along the tunnels.

In addition, Mobilitie found Remee was able to meet the operator’s critical timelines, and they went above and beyond typical requirements for a project like this. Mobilitie quickly became very comfortable working with Remee. Remee provided its PowerPipe™ wet location cables in 16 AWG and 18 AWG multipair constructions to support VoltServer’s Digital Electricity™ technology and deliver safe and resilient power to distant locations and dense spaces.

“The most important criterion for our selection of Remee as the cable supplier was their ability and experience in meeting NFPA 130 certification and their understanding of tunnel requirements. And as we worked with Remee, we also found them willing to go above and beyond to see our project through successfully”.

– Jordan Bahr, Senior Director, Network Deployment, Mobilitie

VoltServer’s Digital Electricity™ system with Remee’s rugged PowerPipe™Why Remee Has The Best Cable Solutions For Harsh Environments

In addition to having experience providing NFPA 130-certified cabling solutions for tunnel environments, Remee provided other capabilities and services as well, particularly for cabling
in harsh environments.

Remee’s and its PowerPipe™ wet location cables were chosen for this project because of many reasons. Most notability because Remee’s cables let users take advantage of the convenience and safety of low-voltage lines while still keeping the power and distance capabilities of traditional AC distribution. The single cable construction which requires only one cable pull and uses low-voltage wiring practices allows the installation to be faster and less costly.

Remee designed the Activate™ PowerPipe™ family of copper multi-pair cables and copper/fiber hybrid cables to meet the NEC standards for Class 4 fault-managed power systems. Below are other reasons Mobilitie chose to work with Remee Wire & Cable.

  • Resilient jacketing options, including Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH)
  • Strong capabilities to provide water-blocking features for installation in wet locations
  • Copper and fiber optic cable constructions, including hybrids, composite, and bundled cables
  • Shielding configurations, as needed
  • Cables resistant to sunlight, oil and chemicals, temperature extremes, and abrasion
  • Remee cables are manufactured in the U.S. under ISO 9001 certification
  • Strong customer service capabilities for personal attention by the family-run company

What Are Remee’s PowerPipe™ Cables?

Remee’s PowerPipe™ cables have a 300V rating. As part of the Activate™ line of Powered Cable Solutions, PowerPipe™ cables include:

  • Multipair Cables – 18, 16, and 14 AWG, unshielded, in Plenum, Riser, and Direct Burial versions
  • Multipair Cables – 18 and 16 AWG, unshielded, wet location, LSZH insulation & jacket
  • Multipair Cables – 18 and 16 AWG, overall shielded, Direct Burial
  • Micro Fiber Distribution Hybrid Cables – 18 and 16 AWG, SM OS2, FR-PVC jacket
  • Hybrid Cables – 18, 16, and 14 AWG, SM OS2, CMP/OFNP with Remguard™ jacket, CMR/OFNR with FR_PVC jacket
  • Hybrid Cables – 16 AWG, SM OS2, wet location, LSZH insulation & jacket

Remee’s Activate™ PowerPipe™ cables are suitable for many indoor and outdoor applications.

The Benefits of VoltServer Digital Electricity™

Digital Electricity™ allows for controlled power distribution that is safe, less expensive, faster to install, and meets the needs of an increasingly digital world. It’s a line-powering system that
energizes remote equipment from a centralized location over copper cable.

Digital Electricity™ offers the convenience and safety of low-voltage distribution architectures such as Power over Ethernet (PoE), with the power and distance capabilities of traditional AC distribution. VoltServer’s Digital Electricity™ solution provides unparalleled construction, performance, and safety advantages over traditional power distribution architectures.

Fault Management & Inherent Safety

Safe power transmission is inherent in the VoltServer architecture as the power transmission is continuously monitored. If there is a fault such as improper wiring, a short circuit, or a person touching the transmission lines, the VoltServer system recognizes the condition in milliseconds and halts the transmission of power.

The result is “touch safe” electrical transmission at high power levels and an inherent ability to digitally control a host of modern electronic devices connected to the distribution system. This “clean power” also eliminates sags and surges.

In our recent blog, you can learn more about Class 4 Managed Power systems.

VoltServer Digital Electricity™About Mobilitie

Mobilitie, a BAI Communications company is a leading telecommunications infrastructure company in the United States, headquartered in Newport Beach, CA. The company’s industry-leading end-to-end solutions offer customers an efficient and cost-effective path to network leadership, and the connectivity they need to advance their services, accelerate their networks and amplify their reach.

With a wealth of experience in designing, building, and operating complex communications networks, it’s Mobilitie’s mission to help customers enhance their user experiences and realize their connectivity visions. Mobilitie’s global operations employ over 800 people worldwide and span Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Europe, and the United States.

For Cable Solutions, Turn To Remee’s PowerPipe™

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Remee is a leader among wire and cable manufacturers, large enough to manufacture a huge selection of quality multipair cables, power distribution cables, and modified standard and custom-engineered cables, including an unmatched capability to provide complex cable constructions that support unique demands, such as with the Digital Electricity™ Power Distribution Solution provided for the large transit system.

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*Digital Electricity is a trademark of VoltServer Inc.