Security and surveillance systems help your business stay safe. While there are many options on the market for surveillance types, CCTV technology is growing as a common choice in security systems. So let’s discuss the latest in CCTV technology and coax cable applications.

CCTV technology is a great selection for many companies as it provides a simple video record of what is happening. With today’s technology, you can tap into any system from almost anywhere to monitor activity and keep an eye on things when you are not physically at your business.

But not every CCTV system is built the same, and quality depends on the components, including which coax cables are used during installation. Every choice you make, including your type of CCTV coax cables, will affect how well your system works.

That’s why the cables you choose are one of the most important considerations you can make for your surveillance system. And it means you need to choose the leading coax cable assemblies from Remee Wire & Cable. Our security cables provide an efficient and effective choice to ensure the proper operation of your security system.

CCTV System: Function and Trends

CCTV, meaning closed circuit television, systems use cameras to watch over a property. These systems allow you to record activity, which can provide evidence if there is a security issue. You can also use them to keep an eye on employees or catch shoplifters, and most of the latest CCTV technology allows remote viewing so that you can watch even when offsite.

One of the benefits of CCTV is that it can allow you to watch over large areas, reducing the need for constant human surveillance. This technology expands your ability to secure your whole facility or property at a far lower cost than employing security guards. Plus, it frees up your employees to handle issues that require human interaction.

Common Components of CCTV Systems

For a surveillance system using CCTV technology, you need several components:

  • Cameras
  • Receivers
  • Coax Cables
  • Software

Each of these components plays a role in how well the overall system operates. Software is one of the most rapidly evolving options. Different programs have different capabilities and strengths, and the options are always growing and changing.

For example, low-quality cameras will provide grainy images that may make it impossible to properly identify people or objects in the footage. Therefore, making sure to install your security CCTV systems with high-quality cabling is critical.

The cable choices you make greatly affect your system. The type of cable impacts how well information travels and the ability of your cameras to operate in adverse conditions. It also determines the performance of your system when subjected to interference.

The Latest Trends in CCTV Technology

The rise of artificial intelligence and other technological advances is highly improving security systems. Implementing these trending technologies into your own security software will help your company to always stay one step ahead. Read on to see which would be best for your business!

1. Analytics for Security Software

CCTV is all about attention to the tiny details – including CCTV data. A prime example of current CCTV trends video is the increased involvement in analytics.

This helps to maximize the amount of data you can get from video captures and more. If there is a break-in, having this data on hand can you analyze patterns to prevent it from happening again or take preventative measures to track suspect movements before criminal activity can occur.

2. Increased Facial Recognition in CCTV Technology

Image of CCTV Facial Recognition on Woman for CCTV Technology blogVideo face recognition is another helpful feature. It can let you know when someone not already in your system is on your property or when someone is in an area where they should not be. It can identify and label individuals in a recording and alert you to any issues.

As this technology has advanced, facial recognition CCTV cameras can now identify in a range of instances. This includes angled faces, faces with coverings such as glasses or masks, faces in motion, and faces that have aged since they were first acknowledged by your CCTV security system.

3. CCTV Technology Now Offers Low-Light Features

When criminal activity is most likely to occur is a highly argued topic. Many attribute the cover of darkness at night as the main time frame to occur, while other data shows 10 am to 3 pm is the primary hit time.

Stay aware and prepared at any time with CCTV technology’s trending features of low-light operation. It ensures the ability of CCTV technology to pick up high-quality images even in darkness. This not only means your camera system is operational 24 hours a day, but the surveillance clarity for any suspect identification will be just as clear no matter what time they are picked up.

However, you need to make sure that you have chosen the right type of coax cables for your system so that they are able to handle these increased data requirements and any harsh environmental conditions when used outdoors.

4. CCTV Technology Extends into License Plate Registration

CCTV License RecognitionThieves typically aren’t on foot in order to make a fast escape and avoid being caught. While they might be using a vehicle, they can’t outrun CCTV license plate recognition.

One of the newest features in CCTV technology trends is license plate recognition. It allows your camera to analyze a license plate to gather data. You can then use that information to assist the police in their investigation of a problem on your property.

Communities and industrial complexes and compounds are taking steps to install these systems across the country. Make sure you are too.


Remee’s Coax Cables Increase CCTV Effectiveness

While these trends all help to make CCTV systems more advanced and more effective, there is still one specific way to take your security measures even further. The answer? Top quality coax cables from Remee.

Why You Should Be Using Coax Cable in Your CCTV Technology

While the benefits are numerous and span a broad range, these are the top 4 reasons why using Remee’s coax cables in your CCTV system remains important for our customers!

1. Advanced Signal Clarity for Coax Cabling

Remee Coax Cables For CCTVWhen designing your CCTV system, you should consider using Remee’s coax cable assemblies. The design of these cables reduces interference and allows for better installation options. The shielded signal will not be affected by placement near objects that produce interference, which is crucial in a business environment.

Coax cables reduce distortion and other issues when transmitting signals from the cameras. This provides you with the most complete coverage and clear images.

2. Cost Effectiveness of Coax Cables

The installation cost when updating your corporate CCTV system can become expensive quickly! More cameras mean more security, but that can also allow a project to easily reach or exceed its budget without the necessary number of cameras to feel safe.

Coax cameras offer the unique benefit of being more cost-effective than their IP counterparts. While IP cameras have a lot of onboard technology, cameras using coax cables don’t need this extra hardware since the DVRs they work with handle all the processing they need without a loss in image quality.

Without this additional processing hardware, coax cameras can be manufactured to perform the same or similar jobs for substantially less.

3. No Network Crowding

Coax cameras need only basic technology to operate, and require less bandwidth too! Without all the extras that IPs need, coax cameras work by sending a simple, isolated video signal directly to your system’s recorder.

Crowding your existing network with extra data only slows your cameras and detracts from your level of vigilance. Some companies may even be forced to build a second network to avoid the bandwidth clog, costing them even more money.

Choosing Remee’s coaxial cables for your CCTV system ensures a smooth flow of data, and fewer issues in receiving it, all while creating better vigilance.

4. Compatibility

As an easier product with simple, yet effective parts, this allows coax cables to be an adaptable option for many CCTV technologies. Being able to work with a number of other brand products, allows replacement and installation changes in the future to be streamlined, saving you time and money in the process.

How Remee’s Coaxial Cables Go Above and Beyond

Remee Coax CablesIn addition to fulfilling the natural benefits listed above, Remee’s coaxial cables are engineered with success in mind. This allows them to have specific features that ensure your security measures will be a success.

Remee offers:

  • Indoor & outdoor copper coax cable
  • Coax cables that meet the applicable ETL and CSA requirements
  • Coax cables rated CMR (riser) or CMP (plenum)
  • All Remee coax products are manufactured under ISO 9001 certification
  • Modified Standard & Custom Coax Cables are also available

Even with these high-quality standards in place with our products, we still want to provide above-and-beyond normal service, allowing and welcoming fully customizable product requests including:

  • Alternate jacket material
  • Different shielding configurations, including quad shield coax cable
  • Dual constructions
  • Non-standard colored jackets
  • Plenum jacketing on non-standard cables

Any other requirements you may have that aren’t listed? We’d love to hear them too. At Remee, if we can customize the product to your needs, even better! Request a quote from us today.


Remee Wire & Cable Helps Create Strong Surveillance Systems

As a leader in the cable manufacturing industry, Remee’s professional services naturally extend into providing amazing custom cable solutions for your CCTV technology.
With a focus on providing exceptional customer service and personalized attention, Remee Wire & Cable connects you with the best product for your needs without any hassle.

Whether your setup is simple or complex, Remee will provide the assistance you need to cable a CCTV surveillance system with strong and efficient coax cables to keep your business safe and secure. Your security just got a whole lot safer. Contact Remee today to get your CCTV coax cable solutions ordered now!