Fiber Optic Cables are utilized for many different applications. Essential data is constantly being transferred.  From local area networks connecting communications throughout an office building to cell phones when you are out and about, you want to be connected.  You need a reliable cable that can withstand the environment. When you factor in the harsh and diverse environments, you need Interlocked Armored Fiber Optic Cable.

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Remee’s Plenum Interlocked Armored Fiber Optic Cables are rated for outdoor and indoor use which makes it ideal to bridge the gap between buildings, be utilized in underground conduit applications and be used to go into buildings not just to their entrance.

Plenum Rated
Interlocked Armored Fiber Optic Cable is rated for indoor-outdoor use and can carry a plenum rating.  This allows it to run from one place to another regardless of the environment.  From outside the building to the telecommunications room and from one telecom room to the next. This makes choosing this cable a huge edge over standard fiber optic cables because those must be terminated within 50 feet of the building’s entrance due to their lack of rating.

Water Resistant
Water Blocking Technology is ideal when the potential for water exists.  As an added benefit, Remee’s Interlocked Armored Fiber Optic Cable has features that are designed to inhibit water migration within the cable.

Standard fiber optic cable is typically installed in an inner-duct (a corrugated tube designed to protect the cable) so that it can pass certain building codes. That means that installing a regular fiber optic cable requires an extra step during installation which often translates to higher labor costs.  Interlocked Armored cables eliminate this step.

Less Space And Added Flexibility
Without the inner-duct, Interlocked Armored Plenum Rated Fiber Optic Cable takes up less space than a standard fiber optic cable installed within an inner-duct.  The specialized design also allows for more flexibility while maintaining better crush resistance when compared to an inner-duct.

Summing Up The Benefits:
With Interlocked Armored Indoor-Outdoor, Plenum Rated Fiber Optic Cable You Get

Water Resistance, Cable Flexibility, Versatility With
Reduced Install Time And Reduced Expenses

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