Yes, it’s true today, Tuesday April 25th, is National Telephone Day.  This nation of ours has fallen in love with their phones.  I mean who doesn’t LOVE their phone and carry it with them 24/7?

Our desire for connection has created a need for reliable wire and cable.  Wire & Cable that gives us the ability to connect with the people we want, when and where we want.

Remee Wire and Cable is

engineered with connection in mind

Today’s blog is going to focus on two of our “connecting” cables.

LAN/Premise Cable (Category Cable)  &  Hybrid Fiber Optic (Cable Cell Tower Cable)

Let’s start by defining what LAN/Premise Cables actually do.
Premise Cables are the copper cables that run from a central location such throughout a building that networks a home or business’ equipment. These cables allow for your phone systems, computers, data terminals and video equipment to be interconnected. The standard cable used in LAN/Premise Wiring is Category Cable.  Specifically Cat 5e or Cat 6.

And now for some specifics:
Category Cable is constructed with twisted pairs of copper wire that are used in carrying signals.  These cables provide performance of up to 10 GIG and beyond. Remee wire and cable focuses on two main types 5e and 6.  In basic terms, the higher the number the faster the speed and the more regulated testing that is required to ensure that the wire eliminates cross talk.  Both category 5e and 6 come in shielded and unshielded cable.  Shielded cable helps to protect from interference and is a better bet when the wire will be going from outside to inside (or reverse) or if it will be extending between walls from room to room.  An unshielded category cable will work well to go from the wall directly into our computer.  Most category 6 cable includes a nylon spline that helps increase the elimination of cross talk.


Remee manufactures and sells CATEGORY CABLES
For a detailed list and specifications of our LAN/Premise Cable, click the link below and it will take you directly to our website.