First things first, WHAT is Plenum Category Cable?
Let’s start with the first word, PLENUM.  The term refers to the area set aside for air circulation of a heating or air conditioning system.  Since cable is often installed in the air handling spaces, the industry has adopted the term to refer to wire that is made of specialized materials that have low smoke and low flame characteristics.  The next two words, CATEGORY CABLE refer to cable that is primarily used to connect computer networks and phone equipment within an office building or residence.  It can also be used in data centers and for video equipment.

WHEN should you use Plenum Category Cable?
The simple answer is that if your local building code calls for Plenum rated Category Cable it should be installed.  Outside of building codes, if there is any concern about combustibility then Plenum Category Cable is the way to go.

WHERE should you run Plenum Category Cable?
If you are installing cable in any air handling space Plenum Category Cable is the safe choice.  Air handling spaces include above a drop ceiling and below a raised floor or riser.

WHY should you use Plenum Category Cable?
It is safer.  In the event that a fire occurs, PLENUM will burn at a lower & slower rate. Although the increased cost of the raw materials do make the price of Plenum Category Cable higher than alternative materials, the increased safety features make it worth the investment.

Remee manufactures and sells Plenum rated Category Cable.  For a detailed list and specifications give us a call at 800-431-3864. We would be happy to provide a sample of the product as well as pricing or delivery information.