Florida, NY – Remee Wire & Cable, a leading manufacturer of electronic wire and cable, announces new packaging for Remee Wire & Cable products.  Remee has engineered these new boxes to provide a sturdy carton that will protect customers’ cable purchases during shipping and on the job site.  In addition, the new carton design facilitates trouble-free cable payout and ease of use. These new Remee boxes are among the strongest available in the market today.  They are used on all standard and customized Remee cable purchases.

The new packaging features and benefits include:

  • Side-loaded panels feature an interlocking plastic ring which secures the plastic payout cone to the carton, while also strengthening the box.
  • Utilizes Remee’s proprietary “pull-box” package design for easy cable payout (watch 10 sec. video of cable payout at https://remee.com/remee-resources/).
    1. Tangle-free
    2. Twist-free
    3. Kink-free
    4. No reel caddy is needed
  • Carton walls are one of the strongest in the industry! Remee boxes feature a double corrugation wall to provide better structural support than single wall cartons.  Fully tested using the Mullen Test to measure the bursting strength of paperboard, all Remee cartons are rated at 275 lbs./sq. in., which indicates the amount of force required to burst any of the SINGLE CORRUGATED WALLS on the box.  However, since Remee uses a double-wall corrugation design, this strength factor is ESSENTIALLY DOUBLED.  Remee cartons can also hold up to 100 lbs. before experiencing any fatigue.

Carton is designed with structural integrity in mind!

  1. Handles are in front, not on top, which helps keep the glued seams intact.
  2. Less glue is used – Remee’s exclusive interlocking package design has fewer glued seams required, thereby minimizing the potential points of failure from standard handling and use.
  3. Corrugated material is provided in different wall thicknesses, known as flute sizes.  Each flute size has a particularly useful function, from shipping strength, to reducing storage space, to improved printability.  Here are the strengths and advantages of the E and B flutes that combine to deliver exceptional structural support for Remee cartons:

E Flute – contains about 90 flutes per foot.  The E-flute has greater crush resistance.  The thin board profile of the E-flute reduces outer box dimensions and can help save storage space.

B Flute – With lower arch heights and more flutes per foot than A-flute material, B-flutes have a greater number of contact points along the liner.  This extra support offers excellent puncture- and crush-resistance properties and consumes less warehouse space.

  1. Remee’s exclusive 275# double wall design is totally unique and makes Remee packaging one of the strongest used in the wire and cable industry.

Remee Cable Carton Types

New Remee cartons feature Kraft paperboard and blue ink.  Full color labels identify part number information and company logo.  Two sizes are available for use:

Carton Number Inside Dimensions (Inches)
B70 12¾L x 9½W x 12¾H
B72 14¾L x 9½W x 14¾H

Premium Multiconductor Cable Cartons

Remee’s Multiconductor Cables are packaged in a similarly constructed box, with Kraft paperboard and black ink.  The carton side displays illustrations of sample multiconductor cable types. Full color labels identify part number information and company logo.  Two sizes are available:

Carton Number Inside Dimensions (Inches)
B69.5 11¼L x 8¼W x 11-1/8H
B71 13¾L x 9½W x 13¾H

For more information on Remee’s new packaging, view the brief cable payout video and download the Packaging Details & Benefits sheet .  

For more information on Remee Wire & Cable and its unique cable design and manufacturing capabilities call 1-800-431-3864.

About Remee Wire & Cable 

Remee Wire & Cable is a world class manufacturer of electronic wire and cable, both copper and fiber optic cable.

The company is headquartered in Florida, New York, where its corporate offices, engineering and manufacturing facilities are all located.  Since our beginnings in 1972, personal attention and care have been the hallmarks of the family-run company. Our engineering and manufacturing expertise have enabled our growing product offering and custom capabilities to a level that rivals some of the largest cable manufacturers.  The large standard cable offering, along with expert capabilities to modify any standard cable or design and manufacture custom-made cables, are proof of our significant industry stature.  

Remee features the quick decision-making, special customer care and access to executives, which are all associated with a family-run company.  Yet, Remee offers a huge selection of cables and expert capabilities that rival the largest cable manufacturers. So, at Remee, customers enjoy our “dual personality” and the best of both worlds.