Florida, NY – Remee Wire & Cable, a high-integrity manufacturer of electronic wire and cable for reliable performance, has added three new Access Control Cables to their line of Vigilance™ Security, Alarm and Control Cables.  These composite cables feature a new low capacitance shielded cable and shielded plenum and riser-rated cables for outdoor use.

These new engineered security cables from Remee have been designed specifically for access control technologies, such as Weigand, the Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) specification, and BACnet (a communication protocol for Building Automation and Control networks).

Weigand, the current access control technology, is not totally secure and can be potentially open for attack.  On the other hand, OSDP with Secure Channel (an encryption and authentication scheme) does not have this potential vulnerability.  BACnet was designed to allow communication of building automation and control systems for applications such as heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning control (HVAC), lighting control, access control, and fire detection systems and their associated equipment. The BACnet protocol provides mechanisms for computerized building automation devices to exchange information, regardless of the particular building service they perform.

Remee’s new Vigilance™ Access Control cables feature dedicated components for the operation of card readers, door contacts, Request to Exit (REX) controls, and locking power/retinal scanners.  Remee’s composite cable constructions, manufactured in the factory, provide reliable and consistent performance and facilitate a quicker and easier installation.

Remee’s three new Vigilance™ Access Control Cables include:


  1. Direct Burial Composite for Wet Locations – Riser-rated

Four components cabled together with a water blocking tape and overall UV-resistant PVC jacket, suitable for wet locations.

PART NO. R00907WBTM1B; Component 1: 18/4, unshielded; Component 2: 22/6, OAS; Component 3: 22/2, unshielded; Component 4: 22/4, unshielded; Overall Black PVC Jacket, CMR.

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  1. Composite with Low Capacitance (RS 485) – Plenum-rated

In this new design, Remee has replaced the former 22AWG 6 conductor shielded component with a 22AWG 2 Pair Low Cap shielded component for use with OSDP and other card readers using encrypted transmissions.  An overall foil shield is provided on this component for use in high EMI environments.  Remee’s new Vigilance Access Control cable is Plenum-rated component cable is ideal for use with OSDP and other access control systems.

PART NO. 725953M1V; Component 1: 18/4c unshielded;  Component 2: 22/2pr, OAS low cap cable (RS 485); Component 3: 22/4c unshielded; Component 4: 16/4c unshielded; Overall Purple Jacket with Remguard Plenum Polymer, CMP.

See Spec Sheet


  1. All Shielded Composite – Plenum-rated

This new Plenum-rated Access Control composite cable features a foil shield for each of the four component cables for maximum EMI protection in high noise environments.

PART NO. 725914M1O; Component 1: 22/6c, OAS; Component 2: 22/2c, OAS; Component 3: 22/4c, OAS; Component 4: 18/4c, OAS; Overall Blue Jacket with Remguard Plenum Polymer, CMP.

See Spec Sheet

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