Remee Twisted Pair™ Cables Offer More Data, Power & Distance Than Any Other Twisted Pair Cable

Florida, NY – Remee Wire & Cable, a leading manufacturer of fiber optic and electronic wire and cable, announced the launch of its new family of 21 AWG utility Twisted Pair™  (uTP™) cables as part of its Activate™ by Remee Powered Cable Solutions.  This new uTP™ cable innovation are Twisted Pair™ cables that allows for data and power to run over longer distances than any other twisted pair cable.

Truly a utility cable, the new Activate™ by Remee uTP™ cable is 100Ω, RJ45 compatible and can be used for network appliances that require data and power to be delivered to locations that fall outside of the traditional Ethernet ring topology.  This encompasses many more potential applications than PoE or powered cables can provide, such as:

  • Cameras
  • Thermostats
  • PoE Lighting
  • PoE Type 1, 2, 3 and 4 devices in the IoT
  • Industrial factory floor

The original PoE benefit remains true today: Users can save on electrical outlets and dedicated low voltage power cable installations by running power over their data cables instead, but Category twisted pair cables are limited to 328-foot maximum length.  As the industry trends toward powering more networked devices than ever, Activate™ by Remee, has been created to respond to this growing demand with a wide selection of cabling solutions to meet the different needs of various cable runs.

Whether for a commercial LAN, customer premise cabling project, municipal WLAN, or an industrial factory floor network, Activate™ by Remee provides the right Powered Cable Solution for each unique application. Our Twisted Pair™ cables are ready for the modern power demands of our technology driven world.

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Remee Introduces new Activate™ by Remee uTP™ cable.

Key Features of uTP™ Cables

Some key features of this new line ofTwisted Pair™ cables include:

  • Riser, Plenum, OSP and LSZH versions
  • Utilizes 21 AWG copper to reduce performance issues caused by heat
  • Enhanced “headroom” allows for useable bandwidth up to 1Gb/s at extended distances
  • Ultra-low loss, high speed dielectric
  • Supports building automation (BAS) and intelligent buildings (IBS) networked devices at distances well beyond the EIA/TIA standards for (Ethernet) Category cabling
  • Ideal for perimeter range security cameras (PTZ included)
  • Maximizes the use of available switch ports
  • Reduces the need for unnecessary Intermediate Distribution Points (IDFs)

In conjunction with this new uTP™ product launch, is the introduction of a new tool to help installers, contractors, integrators and end users determine:

  1. The distance possible for IEEE 802.3 PoE, where Activate™ by Remee uTP™ is used.
  2. The power distances possible for various copper conductor sizes.
  3. Distances achievable with Activate™ by Remee Fiber/Copper Composite Cables (PFCS).
  4. The data transmission distance associated with these cable types.

Meet the Activate™ Cables by Remee

Introducing the Activate™ by Remee Bandwidth / Power Optimization Chart.  This useful table factors in the bandwidth and speed requirements of the data cable, along with the power requirements of the cable run, considering VDC, amps, and wattage.  Based on these inputs, the chart reveals the appropriate power distance (in feet) of various copper gauge sizes.  This helpful tool also covers the optimized uTP™ cables to illustrate the distance capabilities for PoE (802.3af), PoE+ (802.3at), PoE++ (802.3bt Type 3), and PoE++ (802.3bt Type 4) where Activate™ by Remee cable is selected.

This chart has been created to assist in planning the installations and power requirements of networked devices.  System designers will be able to determine where PoE is an option, what data rate can be expected at the Powered Device (PD), and where costs may be reduced by eliminating mid-span power boosters. The chart is available free of charge and can be downloaded from the Activate™ by Remee Powered Cabling Solutions web page.

Download PCS Chart

For more information about the Twisted Pair™ cables from Remee Wire & Cable, please visit, email us at, or call 1-800-431-3864.

About Remee Wire & Cable: A New York Cable Manufacturer

Remee Wire & Cable is an USA based world class cable manufacturer. The family owned company specializes in electronic wire and cable, both copper and fiber optic cable located in New York, US.

The company is headquartered in Florida, New York, where its corporate offices, engineering and manufacturing facilities are all located.  Since the company’s start in 1972, personal attention and care have been the hallmarks of the family-run company.  Remee’s engineering and manufacturing expertise has enabled the growth of the company’s product offering and custom capabilities, now at a level that rivals some of the largest cable manufacturers.  The large standard cable offering at Remee, along with expert capabilities to modify any standard cable and manufacture complex and custom-made cables, are proof of our significant industry stature.

Remee features the quick decision-making, special customer care and access to executives, which are strong attributes for a family-run company.  Yet, Remee also offers a huge selection of cables and expert capabilities that rival the largest cable manufacturers.  So, at Remee, customers enjoy our “dual personality” and the best of both worlds.