Remee Wire and Cable was established over four decades ago with a set of core values that have not waivered with the test of time. Our vision has always been to provide outstanding products for all customers in an environment that encourages learning. Working together daily in such an environment has created a dedicated team that is constantly striving to exceed our customers’ needs.

Our corporate mission includes 3 simple words that are woven throughout the organization. They are a part of everything we do and help us to focus on what is most important. Those words are Quality, Service & Value.

Everyone is looking for quality in the products they provide to their customers.

Quality is defined as an essential or distinctive characteristic or attribute.

At Remee we want to be sure that each time we supply a product to our channel partners that they know their customers will have their needs not only met, but that expectations will be exceeded. We provide a product that meets all the necessary certifications, standards and requirements, but we also hold more MSHA copper wire approvals and MSHA fiber optic cable approvals than many of our competitors.

The fact that our product is of a high quality is one reason we receive the loyalty of our customers, but the thing that keeps them coming back for more is our superior Service.

Service is defined as an act of helpful activity, providing help or aid.

We make sure that our staff receives the knowledge and training on new technologies so that when questions arise, they can provide the answers needed to ensure that each customer gets the right product for the right job. Our channel partners know that they can come to us at any time and they will receive a rapid response, often providing the product that is needed within a 48 hour turnaround.

We have been told time and again that it is our service that keeps customers coming back. However, as great as our service is, we all know that the price has to be right too.

Value is defined as the regard that something is held to deserve; worth of something.

We feel confident that the combination of our high quality product and the superior customer service provide value to our channel partners.

These 3 words: Quality * Service * Value are a part of every employee’s responsibility. We are proud of our staff and the dedication they show each and every day.