Earlier this month we talked about some of the trends within the Home Automation Industry, today we thought we would look at some other trends within the wire and cable industry.

As Goose & Maverick say in the 1986 film Top Gun “I feel the need, the need for speed.”  Everyone is looking for information when and where they want it.  The demand for speed in power, light and communication is ever present.  The Wire and Cable industry is one of the most important components that enable technology to meet those types of demands.

Signals are Faster & Farther with Fiber Optics
Recently a big step forward was made in the research of internet and data speed transmissions.  Photonics researchers at University of California San Diego have successfully surpassed the fiber optic transmission limit. They were able to transmit a fiber optic signal 7456 miles without any hindrance in quality. During this test, researchers were able to boost the intensity of the fiber optic signal by 2000 percent!

Internet/Phone/Television companies expanding their use of fiber optics
Large companies such as Google, Verizon, and AT&T are bringing fiber optic networks to cities across the United States and the world; it is clear that people want to gain access to this kind of technology. Whether it’s faster internet speeds through fiber optics, increased high definition signals for cable or satellite TV, or VOIP phone service, these companies are beginning to distance themselves from the use of traditional copper wire.

Newer Networks in Commercial & Industrial Vehicles
Between video cameras, communication networks, Wi-Fi capabilities and the increased need for high speed data, vehicles are more wired than they ever have been before.  The wire needs to perform in harsh conditions and offer protection from vibration and fluid ingress as well as offer flexibility to help with ease of installation.  Whether it is a commercial bus company that needs to provide Wi-Fi to their passengers or an emergency vehicle that needs to process data from patient monitoring equipment to an agricultural vehicle that needs to monitor sprayer output precisely the need for high-quality wire and cable in vehicles is on the rise.

No matter the trend, you want to the highest quality cable available connecting your systems. Our customer service representatives are ready to work with you to get the cable you need when and where you need it. Give us a call at 800-431-3864 if you would like a sample of any of our products or if you need any pricing / delivery information.