You can monitor it from anywhere using your smartphone.
You can control your heating & air conditioning even when you are away from home.
You can enjoy music in every room of your home

All of these are possible with Home Automation.

Home Automation is a growing industry, expected to reach $16.4 Billion by 2019. Here are ten reasons why YOU should be looking into a home automation system.

  1. Control it all from anywhere in the world.  All kinds of systems can be controlled with the touch of a button – lighting, security, heating, cooling, audio & visual right from your smartphone or tablet!
  2. See it all from anywhere you happen to be.  Access your security cameras whenever and wherever you are so that you can monitor what is going on in your home or office even when you can’t physically be there.
  3. Convenience at your fingertips.  Never have to get up to check who is at the front door. Instead, view it from your tablet, smartphone, or television.  Turn off lights you left on without needing to get out of bed.
  4. Take utility to the next level.  Never worry about leaving a key behind for someone again. Give them their own temporary access code to enter your home, and disable that code once you return.
  5. Enjoy Music or Video in Every Room.  Provide entertainment in your home or office with in-wall entertainment systems throughout the house.
  6. Create an In-Home Movie Theater.  How about a fully-automated theater in your home, with customized A/V equipment, lights, and temperature control?
  7. Conserve Energy – No more worrying about whether or not you turned the air conditioner off when you left the house. Monitor your climate control system or dim the lights to conserve energy.  That translates to saving money.
  8. Build a System to YOUR Needs.  Home or Business Automation isn’t a one size fits all item. Customize a system to fit your specific needs, with only the features you need and want.
  9. Use Your Imagination.  Getting creative with these systems, the technologies available make almost anything possible
  10. Have Fun with Automation.  Not only does automation expand your entertainment options, but it also gives you that futuristic feeling. The convenience factor definitely helps too.


The Home Automation industry is growing at a rapid pace. With new technologies constantly releasing, you want to have highest quality cable available running your systems in order to get the most of these systems. Our knowledgeable customer service representatives will work with you to get the cable you want in your hands when and where you need it. Give us a call at 800-431-3864 if you would like a sample of the product or any pricing / delivery information.