Each October the National Fire Protection Association brings the business of fire prevention into the spotlight.  Why?  Because prevention saves lives!

This year’s theme
Don’t Wait:  Check the Date!  Once again the NFPA is choosing to focus on Smoke Detectors because study after study shows that when a home (or business) has a smoke alarm in place, deaths are avoided!

40% of fire deaths occur in homes without smoke detectors.

This year they are urging people to check the date on their smoke detector and if it is more than 10 years old, replace it right away!  Want to learn more? Head to our facebook page for an infographic from FEMA. 

How wire and cable contributes to the statistics
Did you know that outdated wiring is a leading cause of electrical fires?  Homes that are 20 years old may not have the capacity to handle the ever increasing amounts of appliances running everyday in a typical home!  You may be relying on breakers being tripped when circuits are overloaded but if the breaker box is outdated or has nonworking connectors, you could have a system that is overloaded and a fire could start with no warning!

Older homes have more electrical fires than newer homes.  If your home was built before 1972 it could be wired with aluminum and since today’s devises and switches are made for use with copper wire, you could be at an increased risk for fire.  If you are worried, have a qualified electrician check out your connections and be sure your equipment is compatible with aluminum wire.

Remee’s Fire Alarm Cable
Remee Wire and Cable’s USA manufactured Fire Alarm cables meet NYC Local Law 5 Fire Alarm requirements as well as other municipal specifications.  We are very proud of the quality of our Fire Alarm Cable and are excited to announce that it is now being manufactured in additional jacket colors.
Now installers can utilize a variety of jacket colors to more easily locate the fire alarm circuit in the junction box.

Want to learn more?  Find us on Facebook for fire prevention tips!  Or visit our website/link to find out more about Remee’s Fire Alarm Cable.