Management Team

President, CEO
Elias (AL) Muhlrad

Reminds Remee employees in all departments daily:
Remee has one boss, the customer, let's keep that boss happy.

In 1971 Al completed six years of military service and began to develop his business philosophy, a unique blend of hands on management with detailed delegation. He started his business career as the founder and owner of Remee products in 1972, after earning his BS in Electrical engineering from the University of New Haven. Since then he has grown Remee into one of the leading manufacturers of Wire and Cable. His development of manufacturing techniques combined with innovations in production and design place Remee at the forefront of the wire and cable industry. Watching the trends in the industry, he continued to developed new and innovative products that have been installed in residential, commercial, and transit locations around the world. His leadership style and hard work has helped him become involved with the creation of multiple companies spanning from real estate developments, financial institutions, to fitness companies. Al's entrepreneurial spirit continues to fuel his energy for taking Remee into continual phases of product growth, market expansion and corporate improvement.


Chief Operating Officer
Eric Muhlrad

Eric continually works with Remee employees stressing one belief:
If we do not take care of our customers, someone else will, so let's not only do it right the first time and let's do it every time.

Eric began his career in the cable manufacturing industry operating production machines in Remee's factory. A 1999 graduate of George Washington University with a BA in Small Business Management Eric began his endeavors in the Remee's front office working in each area of the company to understand what makes Remee "tick". Since those days, he has placed his new unique blend for innovation into many areas of the company's sales, marketing, and administrative departments. Eric has worked diligently to develop new markets for Remee including Canada and internationally. With a truly special style and a personal work ethic, he has contributed greatly to Remee's current success. Eric constantly is challenging the company to exceed customer expectations in the way we conduct business.


Eric currently serves on the board of two spinal cord injury foundations working with those foundations to increase awareness, seek improvement, and remove stigmas associated with spinal cord injuries. Eric is always looking for a way to provide his talents for the benefit of others.


VP, Chief Financial Officer
Joseph Kolaitis

”Every job is a self - portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work with excellence.”

Joseph was educated at the University of Buffalo and later at SUNY New Paltz, earning a BA in accounting. He began his accounting career in 1994 for a publicly traded P&C insurance carrier, doing collections and later, investment accounting for 5 subsidiary companies. He began working at Remee in 2006 as a Senior staff accountant. His hard work and attention to detail, has led to his rise to Assistant Controller and now Chief Financial Officer. From the early beginning, customer service has always been a #1 priority, from the outside customers, right down to the users of internal information reported by his department. Joseph’s management style is reflected in his daily quest to streamline expenses, allowing Remee Products to deliver quality products at competitive prices.


VP, Operations
Glenn LaPerle

Mr. LaPerle has over 33 years of experience in the Wire & Cable Industry where he worked for TRW – Automotive Division (EIS), Times Fiber Communications, BICC Cables Corporation (General Cable) and Tappan Wire & Cable Inc. – A Southwire Company, holding positions of Plant Manager, Business Unit Manager, Executive VP and VP of Operations. Mr. LaPerle has a career history of managing underperforming and growing businesses by introducing new products, penetrating new markets, expanding the customer base and implementing operational improvements through the development and utilization of cross functional teams, achieving significant improvement in sales, cost, quality, customer service, safety and bottom-line results.

In Addition, Glenn worked for Oracle as a sales consultant and several years as a manufacturing consultant for Dr. Eli Goldratt, author of The Goal, assisting small and medium sized manufacturers improve overall financial performance by implementing demand-driven supply chain solutions and applying the Theory of Constraints.

Mr. LaPerle earned a BBA from the University of Massachusetts and MBA from Western New England College.