Do you have a question? Perhaps it has already been asked and answered. We are here to answer any & all questions but before you pick up the phone, read through our Frequently Asked Questions.”

Q: Are you a manufacturer or distributor of wire and cable products?
A: A manufacturer.  Products have been manufactured in our Florida, NY facility since 1972 and meet the Federal mandates for Made in the USA. Remee products are ISO 9001:2008 and are ETL Listed, for assurance of quality and conformity to the NEC code.


Q: Does Remee have a sample program if I need to review a product?
A: Yes.  You can either request a sample online (click here),  contact a local distributor, call a Remee authorized factory rep or contact us directly here: Find Your Remee Sales Manager


Q: Does Remee have a minimum order requirement?
A: Yes; the minimum amount for any order is $500.00


Q: How do Remee's prices compare to other manufacturers?
A. Our prices are exceptional for total value offered.  Remee prides itself on being a cost effective solution for all of our wire and cable products without sacrificing quality or service. We manufacture one of the best value priced products in the market.


Q: Why do I need a warranty?
A. Off shore cable and distributors that market themselves as wire and cable manufacturers, many times have no warranty. There is also a great deal of cable that is imported from overseas and private labeled. It is best to deal with an established manufacturer that has been in business for a long time. These companies will stand behind their products in the event of a problem. For these reasons it is critical that you consider warranties and also product liability insurance for any cable installation. With Remee you can buy with full confidence. Consider our ROSE 25 Year Warranty Program.


Q: Which connectivity products can be used with Remee cables?
A. Any standard brand will work. If a performance warranty is needed, Remee provides a 25 year performance warranty. View details on a Product Warranty Page here.


Q: Does Remee ever sell direct?
A. Remee has a full distributor channel throughout the US and Canada that stock our products to support specific regions of the country. We believe that a strong distribution channel is the foundation of our success. 


Q: Who distributes Remee's wire and cable products?
A. Depending on product and industry served we have a large selection of independent distributors as well as national distributors.  For information on distributors in your area click here or ask your local wire and cable supplier for a Remee solution for your next project.


Q: Does Remee drop ship?
A. Yes. There is no additional charge for drop shipments.   It is courtesy that we offer to our distributors. We also can make arrangements for union deliveries or special requests.


Q: Does Remee actually make the cable or are you just another Wire & Cable warehouse?
A. Remee has been manufacturing cable in Florida NY since 1972. We have more than 200,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space here in our state of the art facility.


Q: How long are Remee's lead times in manufacturing cables?
A. Remee like all manufacturers has a moving timeline for lead-time. There are a few factors that determine lead times. Some products we produce in 1 week while other more sophisticated products can take up to 4-6 weeks. Consult a Remee sales person for current lead times at time of order.


Q: Does Remee stock any material or is it all made to order?
A. Remee stocks finished products based on current product trends in the marketplace.  Sometimes a large amount of a particular product may be shipped from stock and may have a lead time so it is best to consult with the factory for current inventory levels.


Q: Does Remee do private label or do special print on the cable?
A. Yes. Remee does a fair amount of private labeling. For minimum production runs we can do special print, colors or stripes on any cable. We also can put customer's logo and part numbers on packaging. Call us for details at 800.431.3864.


Q: What is Remee's prepaid freight policy?
A. We prepay the freight to NY & NJ at $2500, Eastern region $4000, Midwest $5000, Western region $6000.00


Q: Can Remee ship product the same day?
A. We pride ourselves on being a service oriented company. In most cases we can ship same day if an order is placed by 12:00 PM and the material is in stock. In the case of fiber optic cable we typically have to cut, re-spool and test the material before it ships. Therefore, we typically require a 24 to 48 hour window. We make every possible effort to accommodate your schedule, if necessary contact your Remee Sales Manager for full details.